VORTEC YSI V7 RACE BLOWER, *NEW* Vortech blower pulleys, idler pulleys, gates belts.

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  1. *NEW* idler pulleys, gates belts....

    Vortech Metal Idler Pulley (2 1/2")
    Replacement Idler Pulley used in Vortech Supercharger Kits.
    Pulley is used in the following vehicles:
    1996-1999 Ford Cobra with 4.6L
    1997-2002 Ford Truck with 4.6L
    1994-2001 Acura Integra with 1.8L
    1999-2000 Honda Civic SI


    6" diameter 8rib idler pulley its never been taken out of the bubble wrap.
    p/n: 4FA116-023 IDLR ASY, 8RIB X 6" ALUM $80


    also have a bunch of 8-rib Gates belts. 1 3/32" x 47" O.C. ive got 4 of these.
    also have 1 3/32" x 47 5/8" ive got 5 of these.

    retail these are $37.11/each sell for $15/each


    everything is obo within reason. contact me at [email protected] or call 815-254-2333 items are locate in plainfield il, just sw of chicago.
  2. Do you still have any belts I'm need one for the 2.80 with the reg crank pulley that comes with the v2 setup. If not can you tell me the gates number
  3. i have NO idea what that combination would even take. we had a crank pulley, blower pulley and a tensioner thats it. the belts i have worked with this setup. you should contact vortech or someone to chekc your setup
  4. like to get rid of this soon so we can get the next project going with the car.
  5. pm sent .....
  6. still for sale????
  7. yep, sent you a reply to your pm.
  8. Supercharger and pullies are sold. ive still got the belts and idlers.
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