vortech and 03 gt part out fs

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by sonic_03gt, Sep 27, 2011.

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  1. Alright my girl totaled my SB 2003 gt :notnice: so I got alot of stuff to come off of all prices do not include shipping.

    vortech v2-sq with 99-04 bracket and all oil line fittings $1000 (also on ebay)

    leather seats in good condition black $250

    tail lights $50

    slp lm1 cat back $200

    Slp catted X for lt's $175

    Slp lt's $350

    03 pi engine 60xxx miles never seen boost never abused $1200 $1500 with lt's and ud's

    tr-3650 5 speed 60k no grinds shifted smooth $500 $575 with tri-ax shifter

    Steeda tri-ax for tr-3650 01-04gt $85

    car is sonic blue If anyone was interested in body parts I would take $150 per door

    $75 for trunk lid

    $100 for rear bumper pm me for anything else or call 765-243-0408
  2. PM sent as well. interested in supercharger.
  3. Supercharger sold for asking price will cut deals number is shut down hit me with email at [email protected]
  4. Also set of 99 chrome cobra wheels 17x8 in good shape could use 2 new tires 400 firm as they are oem and drivable
  5. im still waiting for PM reply or email about motor and couple other things.
  6. Sorry guys.... all pms and emails replied. Blower is gone. Also. Other parts our available as well am considering selling car as a whole for parts only. It would include everything mentioned above aside from the v2. Plus a predator to match the pcm and car is still complete good 8.8 aftermarket I believe ram clutch. Stock driveshaft, car had absolutely zero issues and would turn a base model v6 into. A close to a full bolt on tremec backed gt deluxe.

    Only thing not good is front bumper hood front fenders suspension in front I'm guessing and radiator and also the battery got squished a little. But it had eibach springs on it I'm guessing our still good steeda g trac brace several other suspension mods that were done when I got the car.

    I have had a lot of interest in the motor, and full exhaust set up. Bye the time you put all of it together with shipping it would probably be over 2k. I would consider selling the entire vehicle with all mentioned parts for around 3k. All offers will be entertained... but someone with the cash could walk away with all the parts they want for free after selling all the extras then get a few hundred for what you can't sell bye scrapping it.

    We could meet half way within reason and trailer it I live in IN. The car could be fixed but is still tied in with the bank as insurance didn't pay for it, and I don't have the cash to fix it nor buy another car till this is paid off. Which is all I'm trying to do, and attempt to get another gto a 11 gt or maybe do a coyote swap into a 99 or so gt or bullitt
  7. The one time this car was tracked it pulled a 13.12 at 104 on bfg kds at full weight... so this set up pulls very hard. And oil was always changed with mobil1 synthetic. And either a mobil1 filter or kandn filter. It would be very nasty in a fox body and you would have a set of 17s to put on it and everything for the most part to do the 5lug swap. With a set of hitech stg2 cams you would have an 11 second fox or low 12 second sn95.
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