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  1. Curious on how much power a T trim can support with the proper set up. Local guy is going turbo and selling his setup. I don't know much about blowers power ranges ie base kit,t trim,YSi,etc. Anderson ford is a few hours away and if I decide to go this way I think I'll just add a PMS and other accessories with a dyno tune. Would a t trim be capable of 450rwhp? How about more?(with a dart block for instance)
  2. T is bigger than S so yes well more than 450. I dont know much about them but look at the efficiency range and make sure you pulley/spin it correctly.

    FWIW I made 540 rwhp with stock bottom end, H/C/I and S trim at 14-15psi
  3. I've personally seen the T trim support 700 rwhp, granted that was over spun, but do not under estimate that blower. The T trim is a very solid contender and I would look to the newer Ti trim if looking for a new setup. In testing Vortech has seen the Ti make just shy of 1,000 rwhp on a 363 big bore dart block motor.
  4. I would look for combos on the internet and see what you think is reasonable. Watch out for the over spinners. Lots of people just set up the pulleys to spin the crap out of it which can lead to problems for your engine. See what people are making with the Vortech recommended range.

  5. I hate to say it but over spinning is the nature of the game for most people. I've actually experienced better blower efficiency with impeller speeds much higher than recommended with no adverse side effects. We spun my old X Trim well over 80,000 and never had an issue. It seems that the efficiency is more in line to the compressor maps once you start getting into the billet wheel blowers. Keep in mind that I have personally been testing blowers for Vortech for quite some time and will be at PRI with them in December out in Indiana.
  6. I guess I should admit there are different degrees to over spinning it. You always have the guys who spin their S-trims to produce 24lbs of boost and then melt all the pistons. There is a line between pushing it a little harder and just being stupid. The impellar has a certain range of efficiency recommended or not. If you exceed the limit, it's going to produce way too much heat.

  7. You are correct to an extent. As long as you have a way to compensate for that additional heat then there really isn't a problem. This is via a tune that changes timing based on those higher iat values or some form of mechanically cooling the air. The guys in renegade have been over spinning the YSi's for the better part of a decade with insane iat's and don't melt motors down or a regular basis. They are not allowed to use and sort of intercooling device but to the best of my knowledge Bart Tobner still managed to go 8.16 with a YSi non intercooled and was able to back it up and that was a year or two ago. It's one of those things that's either right or wrong and without the right experience most people that are newly introduced to large amounts of boost have a learning curve and that's just the unfortunate truth.
  8. Thanks guys. I'm going to go check it out after work
  9. Brother-n-laws car: 331, afr 205, systemax, non inter cooled t-trim at about 17lbs (I think). 602rwhp.

  10. Hope that's an aftermarket block lol!
  11. The guy selling the t trim wants 2250$ for it with all the brackets,pulleys,belt,power pipe,etc. right now it's pullied for 17# boost and his car runs low 10s. Never had it Dynoed. It sounds gooood!! Runs hard in my test drive at least. I might just buy this. Does anybody think that's a reasonable price?
  12. that's a decent price as long as the head unit is in good shape- no wobble in the shaft, etc. Check the serial number with Vortech to see if it has ever been serviced.

    Does it come with the stock or auto tensioner, BTM, bypass valve, injectors, tune, BTM?
  13. Yes and no. It's a FRPP B50 block. Not built for that type of power. Like many of us, his HP desires grew too quickly, but he rarely drives the car, sees very little run time.

  14. That's not bad, I would be happier at 2k though. The biggest thing is got got to see it working. A new t trim kit is well over 3k so sounds like you have a desicion to make, lol
  15. Supposedly the B50s are better than some people give them credit for, but he’s still probably at the functional limit.
  16. There's a dude in Texas putting 900hp to the wheels on a stock block. There is no numerically finite block limit. That is an overly simplistic way to view how an engine works. I knew a guy in the 90s who made over 200 passes with an HCI stock block with 230,000 miles on it with a 300 shot.