Vortech Boost Controller Box

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  1. I just picked up a used Vortech S1 supercharger kit. It came with a Boost Controller box that looks like an MSD ignition box. I already have MSD ignition but I don't think this Boost Controller has the same function. I understand this box retards timing with boost but my questions are:

    1. Is it necessary if I have a custom tune done
    2. Is it safe to run the car at all before a tune (with or without the Boost Controller)?
    3. I'm currently running a custom tune for 24lb injectors with stock pump. Do I need the FMU since I'm upgrading to 42lb and 255 pump? Again, is it safe to start up in either scenario?

    89 GT vert - Trick Flow intake, Edelbrock Performer RPM heads, Lunati 51014 cam
  2. 1. not necessary but I would highly recommend it.
    2. yes just stay out of boost and realize the car is likely to run poorly
    3. 42's and big in-tank is the way to go, ditch the FMU However I would get it tuned, you will have a fairly stout combo and could easily break things without a tune.

    Note, driving car without a tune is not going to hurt it as long as you do not get into boost

    That box likely pulls timing as boost builds BTM I think it's called. Not needed if you get a custom tune.