vortech mass air meter?

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  1. theres one on ebay i was just wondering if there any good. or would i be better off buying like a pro-m or c+l?
  2. C&L and vortech are the same I do belive.

    I have a c&l on my 347.
  3. Vortec meters and C&L meters are exactly the same. I got a vortec from summit and it has the vortec V on the top and says C&L on the bottom.

    And by the way, i have the 73mm and its been working great for me.
  4. i have a 76 mm C&L caalibrated for 24's on my 306..... worked great all summer
  5. 73MM C&L MAF here, works great.
  6. I've got one for sale if you don't wanna play ebay ;)
  7. I paid 50.00 for a c&l meter and electronics and a 19# tube and 24# tube.