Forced Induction Vortech On A Stock Motor?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Donny Hancock, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Yea, so either way I decide to go (at first) is going to net me about the same numbers, maybe a little less if i SC it first but im having trouble deciding which route to take. Granted I have some time to decide before winter. And I have a lot of help deciding from all you guys on here.
  2. Do the HCI first.
    Couple reasons, first off if you do it later, it's alot more work to remove the SC.
    Second, if your engine has never been apart, it doesn't take long for boost to expose all the weak points, like gaskets and seals.

    Get some TW's or 165's, with a custom cam and good intake, you will make more power and the car will be more reliable. You won't be driving around worrying about your oil and water mixing because of a bad head gasket either.

    Stuffing boost into stock heads is never a good idea IMO.

    Please don't say you plan to run 5-6 pounds, because everyone says that, then a month later it's pullied for 12lbs.
  3. good point about doing the HCI first. I agree with this.
  4. Then thats the route I'll go. I can say though I'm not going for enormous amounts of power. If I can get my car in the 11's consistantly I'll be done, and happy. I know of a guy with just the HCI who is running 11.98's on slicks. I dont want to pull too much boost because I think it will be hard for me to hook up, and on the same note I do alot of my stuff off the street. Knowing from my old man's cars its hard to hook alot of power on the street. And it magnifies that so much more being that 320 RWHP in these cars can take you to a 11 second run.