Vortech Owners w/ Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge....Question!

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  1. My mechanic took my car in today to check for some oil leaks up the lift. While it was there, I had him install the sending unit for the OP gauge. The Mustang shop that did the Vortech install removed the stock OP gauge, connected a fitting to the location, and put the oil line for the vortech in the near side of the fitting, and the stock OP gauge just after that.

    Today, when the mechinic put in the Autometer, he said there is barely a mm of clearance.

    I wanted to know how you have the oil line hooked up in reference to the sending unit on the AUtometer gauge, and if anyone has the stock AND Autometer hooked up.?? Also any fitment issues?

  2. I remote located my Autometer sender to the passenger side of the engine bay right next to the blower. The Autometer sender is too big to fit so I ran a braided line from the fitting to the sender. This is the best way and the sender will last much longer. I can post pics if you want.
  3. Yes, a pic would be nice....
  4. He probably took the 45* fitting out and thats why he can barely make it fit. I remember you had the 45 before, and the stock sender was connected to that. Since the stock sender is 2 times smaller than the autometer sender it fit, but it would bump the p/s bracket because its bigger. Your going to have to move that 45 around to make it fit right. Ask your mechanic if he took out the 45. We could have done it over the weekend man.
  5. I like Shaun's idea though.

    I guess you could put a fitting with an extra opening to connect the stock one to, then use the extra opening to run a braided line to hook up the Autometer one?

  6. Woah..it was kinda tight getting the camera in there for these shots, but here you go.

    Here you can see the blower feed line going up and the Autometer braided line curling down under the engine.
    <img src="http://www.mustangmods.com/data/393/p1080969sn.jpg">

    This is how I ran it under the engine.
    <img src="http://www.mustangmods.com/data/393/p1080971sn.jpg">

    Then finally here is the Autometer sender hiding under the blower and the bypass.
    <img src="http://www.mustangmods.com/data/393/p1080972sn.jpg">
  7. Thanks Shaun :worship:

    Im assuming your stock OP gauge is disconnected?
  8. What the hell does that say?
  9. Yea it is for now. I may plumb it and the water temp gauge back up sometime. It seems to be more of a hassle than what it is worth though. The factory gauges are more like indiot lights than anything.
  10. You busted me Joe...I was imitating Seth!

  11. Thanks Shaun!
  12. Vortech w/Autometer oil press gauge

    I must be the real oddball here and it must be due to my old pipefitter back ground.
    I fabricated a plumbing tree that mounted the Vortech supplied fittings, Stock sender and Autometer sender. I'd send pictures but our digital camera was stolen along with many other things when we were robbed on Wednesday.

    The got my new Dell laptop, camera, DVD player, entire DVD collection, money, credit cards, and worst of all my wife and I's custom Target/Varmint rifles. I just got hers for Christmas and she hasn't even been to the range to shoot it yet!!!!
    :notnice: :bang:
  13. I just connected the sending wire to the Gauge. What should the Oil pressure be reading?

  14. Mine usually reads like 25 or so at idle and like 50 or so when driving.