Vortech S-trim blower 86' to 93'

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  1. I finally got pictures to load in the other thread but thought I should start a new one to add that all this will fit a 86' to 93' Mustang as well.

    Needs to go asap, $2,200.00 for all of it.

    I have the following items with it:

    Blow off valve

    Fuel pressure gauge

    Boost pressure gauge

    K&N filter setup with a custom made power pipe

    New Pro-M Mass Air meter

    30 lb. injectors

    Vortech blower fuel pump

    Trick Flow track heat intake w/ phenolic spacer

    BBK throttle body

    BBK fuel pressure regulator

    10 rib pulley setup that puts out 10 lbs. of boost shifting at stock shift points

    Might be forgetting something but all these items (except blower) have less than 100 miles on them. Too much power for my drive train and I don't want to spend anymore money to beef it up from here.

    Call me at 580-402-0*3*2*2 or email me at [email protected]

    Thanks, Mark

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  2. sent you an email
  3. How many miles on the blower?
  4. Not sure of the miles on the blower, it was bought used.

    Everything looks good and the bearings are all tight with no play.
  5. Sold!

    Thanks Stang Net!
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