vortech supercharger for sale

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by 09secondGT, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. for sale vortech y-trim head unit. pollished finish. has made 18 lb. of boost with current pulley set size. will make more boost. great up grade for some one with an s or t-trim. asking $1800 or best reasonable offer. if interested pm or call 606-213-1576.
  2. vortech

    also have pics if anyone wants them, pm your e-mail
  3. do you finance???lol
  4. how much can u pay down? how often can u make payments?
  5. also have a anderson power pipe for sale $100
  6. pics of y-trim

    here are a few pics.
  7. pm sent

    pm sent to MH-47MECHANIC
  8. start up

    start up video is on you tube under vortech y-trim start up video.
  9. still for sale

    need to sell so i can go to a BIGGER supercharger to go FASTER!!! :nice:
  10. Will this fit in my 94
  11. yes it will fit your 94 it is only head unit so you will be buying all other components...
  12. yes ward 212 is right it will fit any push rod motor, and it is only the head unit.
  13. now i have the complete kit for sale not just the head unit. complete kit price is $2600, the y trim makes only 1 lb less boost than a ysi 30 v/s 29.
  14. hey man sent you a pm, check it out definitely interested in the kit.
  15. i dont get to check my listings very often, so if interested call 606 213 1576 thanks, Scott.
  16. SOLD!!!!!!

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