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  1. Hey guys i have a few questions. I bought a used supercharger and am installing. First i did search on history in Tuning section. My questions are , i have a boost control and seen where some one said to set timing at 10 deg. With boost control do i still set at 10 or leave at 12? have 42 injectors and adj fuel pressure regulator, so leave fmu off and set fuel pressure at 40? I also have 255gph fuel pump i take it i dont need to put boost pump on is that correct? Lastly no tuners close will have to drive 4 to 7 hours to have tuned, dont want to take to tuner til i put my dart block 347 in and a intercooler on. Im putting wide band af gauge in can i get tuned close with it on stock boost from vortec by adjusting fuel pressure?
    any imput greatly appreciated thanks mark
  2. Yes, with 42# injectors do not use the FMU, also shouldn't need the boost pump. Most tuners recommend setting timing back to 10. Let the dyno tuners make the changes...
    BTW...what brand of 42# injectors do you have?
  3. to be honest with you not sure, bought car like it was. was told it was built for turbo and it did have A/n fitting for oil return.
  4. have another proublem. car wouldn't start with boost control hooked up. I am running a 6al box, and hooking boost control in between 6al and coil. Is that correct?
  5. found info on msd sight im good to go! thanks
  6. What did you find wrong?
  7. go blow thru.
  8. go blow thru. ??? you bump your head?
  9. found the instructions for boost controller to 6al box. Test drove today set boost controller a little under 1. car run great! Now hopefully block holds out for year or so.
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  10. Have you checked the plugs? Just a suggestion, but put a fresh set of plugs in the car make a pass with it and shut it right off afterwards. When you pull the plugs you will be able to "read" them to see that your timing is correct. Let me know if you need help doing this. Imo the only way to make sure that the timing you are running is correct for your setup and that you aren't detonating the motor.
  11. did it the way vortec said put a load on it in 3rd gear and listened for ping. But next nice day will do a read on the plugs, thanks for the advice.