Vortech V-Powered S197 Ford Mustang GT

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  1. Fans of supercharged Ford Mustangs are going to love what All-American SuperCars has in store for them. They have teamed up with Vortech Engineering to create a fantastically flavored Ford Mustang GT, with the first V-Power system ever. This car's powerplant was originally unveiled at the 2006 SEMA show (http://www.stangnet.com/Ford-Mustang-News/2006-SEMA-Mustangs-pictures-061031.html) and now, it has become a reality. View attachment 337076 </img> View attachment 337078 </img> View attachment 337080 </img> View attachment 337082 </img> View attachment 337084 </img> View attachment 337086 </img>