Vortech V1 S trim - Polished

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  1. It's in perfect shape with no play. Rebuilt unit, It's a polished unit. I'll post the numbers later with pics when i get home.

    Model – V1
    Serial 0918
    Carb – D-213- 10

    Vortech V1 S trim - Performance Specs

    Performance Specs
    Max Speed: 50000 RPM
    Max Boost: 20 PSI
    Max Flow: 1000 CFM
    Max Power: 680 HP
    Peak Efficiency: 72%
    Performance specs apply to units equipped with standard gearcase.

    Discharge OD: 2.75"
    Inlet OD: 3.5"
    Discharge ID: 2.38"
    Inducer Diameter: 3.1"
    The industry standard supercharger

    Straight cut spur gear
    Available with straight or curved discharge and clockwise or counterclockwise rotation

    $950 shipped to your door
    Call 727 710 1970 / PM or Email [email protected]
  2. where did you get a straight discharge?
  3. Is this a complete kit? I see you are in the same area as me. I am in Clearwater, where are you?
  4. do you still have the supercharger for sale.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.