Vortech V1

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by captahab, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. I just picked up a 97 Cobra earlier this summer with 42lb. inj., Vortech V1 supercharger , forged internals. Im having a issue with the idle hanging a little bit so , in the process of checking out vacuum lines I noticed the vacuum line that runs to the top of the Vortech FMU isnt hooked to anything. There doesnt appear to be a open port or a T of any kind that it would have been connected too. Is it safe to say that the FMU isnt working at all since there is no vacuum to it ? and is this a normal practice since the injectors were upgraded and the car was tuned ?
  2. You don't run FMUs with 42 lb injectors.
  3. The cobras have a stall issue if you try to coast through corners and braking with the clutch in. They dont like the low speed air flow and the hydraulic brakes and steering bog the motor down and stall it. Also why nobody is allowed to drive my car. By "hanging" they might have tuned the idle drop to avoid this anoying feature. You know, staying a bit high for a moment to make up for the hydraulic systems over powering it.