Fuel Vortech v2 install. need fuel pump help BADLY

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  1. What's up guys, i've been around this forum a lot but rarely post anything. I am in the process of installing a vortech v2 supercharger by myself (this is the biggest mechanical job I have ever done) so naturally there has been quite a bit of cussing and desire to break things. Right now I am upgrading the fuel pump, and this is the first time I have ever dropped the tank, which brought me here. I need some serious help. I have looked through ever manual online and my HAynes manual and cannot figure out a few things still. I have got the tank almost out, and everything is disconnected with the exception of a few lines and wires. I've labeled the pictures i've attatched with the lines I cannot figure out how to disconnect/ if they need to be disconnected. In #1. i am not sure if i need to detach this but I could not figure out how to do so. The coupling it uses has no obvious way to detatch. Number's 2.3.4. and 5. sit on the top right of the gas tank and I do not know If i need to disconnect these either. Finally number 6. I know I need to disconnect because it sits on top of the fuel pump enclosure but again, I cannot seem to pull it loose without breaking it. I have looked at every diagram on every other forum, yet it is impossible to tell which line is which, and the instructions are very vague. I realize this is an easy job for many, so sorry if i come across as a noob. Thanks for any insight! It's much needed

    14480_10151572848819167_359366567_n.jpg 63194_10151572850799167_1164533609_n.jpg 262689_10151572853459167_73474487_n.jpg 541893_10151572854739167_1916403838_n.jpg
  2. yeah i checked that article out. there were a few articles that said i need a fuel line disconnect tool and some that didn't so I wasn't sure.
  3. # 1 use your thumb on the opposite side you took the pic From push in on it there, push the line foward then pull it off the clip may be stuck could be hard. # 2,3,4, and ,5 shouldn't have to come off. #6 you need a quick connect tool, which is the only one connected to the pump , and the only one that absolutely has to come off.
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  4. thanks bigbird04 that helps a bunch. i didn't want to force anything off and take a $100 trip down to the ford dealer
  5. The filler neck will be hit or miss as long as you unbolt it from the car and are gentle when dropping the tank . I didn't have to replace mine just drop it slowly and change pumps under the car ( don't pull tank from under car drop it enough to do the job no more ) the filler neck bolts to the body at the fuel door and I think a grommet through the trunk you go to push down. Hope I'm not to late to help you save the grommet that's ford only I think.
  6. yeah i got the filler neck out, it says you have to cut the grommet off though so you don't cause damage to the sensor on the filler neck so i'll have to replace that. to take the fuel pump enclosure off, you take off those 6 8mm screws but is there anything else that need to be done? the cover doesn't seem to want to come off
  7. i still can't seem to get #1 off either. the yellow clip that sits in there has no obvious way of being taken off. i tried a screwdriver, sqeezing it, pulling it, etc.
  8. The pump will be kinda hard to pull up . You can pry gently with a screwdriver it will feel like a vacuum is being pulled on it. # 1 goes to your charcoal canister correct ? Try pulling the white clip completely out of the connector with some needle nose .