Vortech V2 w/cooler 99-2004

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  1. complete Vortec V-2 supercharger setup with liquid to air inter cooler 6000 miles on charger
    installed on a '99 mustang GT
    oil changed every 800 miles with synthetic oil
    Anderson power pipe
    Pro M mass air
    42# injectors
    Blow off valve
    Air to Air intercooler with all piping and couplings
    Lunar boost and fuel pressure gauges
    upgraded pulley
    Diablo flip chip
    putting 450 hp on '99 GT
    Very well taken care of
    every thing is included you will need to install on car except fuel pump and plugs
    if you need some pics let me know.
    Asking $3800...
  2. $3800 obo
  3. parts

    i know its a been while since you posted, do you have any of the stuff available?
  4. yes, I still have most of the stuff. Anything in particular you are looking for?
  5. do u still have the MAC prochamber and is it for long tubes or stock headers
  6. I do not have the prochamber any longer.
  7. Do you still have the gauges, gears, CAI or Throttle body?
  8. I do still have the gauges and throttle body.
  9. will consider breaking up kit...
  10. Will you sell the kit without the cooler?
  11. Is there anyway u can sell it for less I don't want a small pulley or the chip if ur willin to do it
  12. asking $3500 + shipping
  13. Wanna sell the power pipe it self?
  14. Kit SOLD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.