Progress Thread Vortech V3 Install

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  1. None. Still waiting for it to come in the mail, it's been a month since paid for. The place I ordered through kinda has me by the short hairs due to the fact that even if I canceled credit card transaction I wouldn't be able to order from somewhere else for the same price.
  2. Man that sucks! Live and learn huh?
    Hang in there
  3. Yeah I guess I'm in no big hurry but I'm gonna be putting the dd's in the bodyshop (hail) and I don't have rental on my insurance so I'll be needing the stang. Just trying to figure out logistics I guess.
  4. I clicked on the thread just now and was excited to see that you had the kit and were busy at work with the install.
    I'm sorry that things have been taking so long and I just now got off the phone with Kris. He said he emailed you a day or two ago to explain the delay was on Vortechs end as they were having lead time issues getting a batch of cases done. When Vortech opens later today Kris is going to talk to Jimmy our rep there and have him personally email you just to let you know that we aren't jerking your chain. I wish I would have known about the lead time on the Si's and trust me I would have been the first to let you know. I know they have a long lead on the Ysi but it's news to me that the Si is in such demand that they can't keep the parts to build them on the shelves. Again, I'm sorry that things have been taking so long but stick with me here and we will get them ironed out!
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  5. I know you're not messin me around. The email last week said it ought to be shipped late last week. It's now wed of the following week is all I'm saying.
  6. Boooooo......
    need some action here :confused:
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  7. Would you like a pic of my disappointed face after checking the mail?
  8. :whine:
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  9. Did you just hug me?
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  10. :shrug:
  11. LMAO you guys are cracking me up
  12. *Update* She was shipped Thursday and is expected to arrive Tuesday. Hallelujah
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  13. bout time, I see an all nighter for you on Tuesday
  14. Now we're cookin! Where are you? I love to install superchargers.
    Nothin but smilin once its all done.
  15. Nice !!
  16. Denton, TX C'mon out. Is it not that bad of an install?
  17. Take pics of each step, might as well do a How too :nice:
  18. Hardest part is drilling and tapping the hole in the pan, which you don't have to do. Other than that, its a matter of swapping out part. The Vortech install manual is one of the best out there- very detailed with pictures.

    Lay all the parts out and take inventory
    READ THE MANUAL before first
    Then do the install-

    Did you get a belt adjuster? It's about $75 but makes tightening the belt a snap. It's a bracket with a bolt that when you turn on it , it tightens the belt.