Progress Thread Vortech V3 Install

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  1. Ah chit! The belt adjuster.. Who carries those?
    Ps: no drilling and tapping necessary, we're self lubed.
    *Edit* Nevermind, my firendly neighborhood harbor freight. But yeah no need to drill and tap.
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  2. Im thinking about getting the v3 as well. Is it good for a mostly stock motor (cam, exhaust?) should I get larger injectors and fuel pump as well. I want to do heads and intake down the road too. right now I just have the orange injectors. Any reason not to get it, or to get a different one?
  3. That's pretty much my setup. I will be running the supplied fmu and inline pump w 19# injectors. It makes 223 rwhp now I'll let you know how everything goes. I know a place that can get u a deal on one.
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  4. Try Anderson or E bay. The one I bought years ago was around $90
  5. Found the Anderson unit for $96. It says its made for 86-93 but may fit other models if the holes are in the right place. I don't really wanna take a $100 gamble. What if one doesn't get a belt tensioner?
  6. Then you will need to periodically tighten the belt, as it will loosen up as time goes on. The Anderson piece makes it easier- you simply tighten down on the nut and it pushes out the pulley to tighten the belt.
  7. so are you done yet? gotta be tuesday by now :zzz:

    but really SC belts slip if you can swing it get it.......

    mini uses same concept for timing chain, you know there's value
  8. I bought one from a guy on corral who made them. Think it was about $40. 6 or 7 years ago though.
  9. Ha! D!ck ;)
    Ok so it's like a preventative maintenance item kinda? Is it a kind of thing that can be added later or is it best to do while torn apart? I think I might put er on next week so Dad and I can do it together.
  10. I call bs, you're drooling all over the forums. I bet you crack the boxes open right away and get to work. ;)
  11. I had that same aftermarket belt tensioner on my SSC with the Vortech. I bought it from an Ebay seller for $25bucks. Its 28cents worth of aluminum and a freakin bolt. LOL
    Therefore I do not currently have one on my vert because I refuse to pay $100 for that.

    The aftermarket belt tensioner is not a requirement. Your supercharger will perform as it should without it. As all belts do the belt will loosen in time as it stretches. The aftermarket tensioner cannot prevent that. However, it makes life easier when the belt needs tightening. You just Loosen the bolts, put a round of adjustment on the new tensioner and tighten the bolts. Thats it.
    Its a convenience item!

    So in short, you can do without it.

    Now get to work! We're all chomping at the bit here!
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  12. Whaaat :)

    i know if my son asked me to help id really really enjoy it, father son time on a car Priceless memory and conversation!

    looks like you can forgo the tensor, the lug wrench pry method is free ;)

    Have fun with the weekend build....
  13. ^^^ Exactly! You don't need the tensioner and I can't see spending a hundred bucks on it. I've never had trouble using it right out of the box. You may need to tighten it after the first heat cycle but it should stay tight for many street miles between having to tighten it.
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  14. just for clarification, as I see the panties are getting all wadded up, I never said it was a necessity, but it does make the job easier. Is it worth $100? Probably not for most. I'm a sucker though for those type of gadgets and such so I spent the money. I think someone makes an adjustable tensioner like the stocker that auto adjusts. Sometimes I'm a card carrying member of the more money than brains club when it comes to cars. Hence the 3 sets of wheels, multiple sets of seats, valve covers, engine parts, etc. I'm sure some of you have the same disease.

    That is all. You may commence with your eager anticipation of 90lxwhite's next question of the install- how do I put together this bracket, followed by how do I get these pulleys aligned? lol
  15. so it's tuesday and i still haven't gotten to fap...
  16. @mikestang63 @everyoneelse.... is there one that is the same type as the stock belt... no adjusting just spring loaded....that would be ideal...
  17. Missed delivery, wasn't home and I guess someone was supposed to sign for it. Gotta go get it at the ups place in an hour
  18. Dad bought the car in late 95 w 13k on it. It's kinda our project together now.