Progress Thread Vortech V3 Install

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  1. As I said in an earlier post, there used to be a company that sold an auto adjuster tensioner like the one for the stock serpentine belt. I don't recall the company name or if they still exist. Most people use the adjuster like the Anderson unit.
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  2. so you gotta let him light it up and smoke up the street when ur done.., how cool :burnout:
  3. Usually do my smokin in the garage
  4. Smoke em if you got em
  5. The smoking lamp is out
  6. A progress thread with no pics and no progress

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  8. Thats not progress :nono:
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  9. Rome in a day sir.
  10. *sigh* Guess I'll get back to looking at bewbz on teh internets.
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  11. no, but, supercharge in a day =yes
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  12. More like 2 hours!
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  13. just dont let walker texas ranger in there ...
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  14. I had a walker grooms cake. I'm off mon and tues, gonna do it then w the old man
  15. Video tape this chit would ya
  16. QUOTE="madspeed,st: 8827094, member: 8969"]Video tape this chit would ya[/QUOTE]
    Come again? I did a lil rattle can today.
    Before: image.jpg After: image.jpg

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  17. This thread....does NOT deliver. :notnice:
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  18. Don't get your panties in a wad Ace, it'll get there. Monday my man, Monday.
  19. Ps: yep, it's an ever start.
  20. Today is Wednesday.

    I say we bring back Ride of the Month. But instead it's Worst Progress Thread of the month.
    I vote this one.
    I also vote Mike's because it confuses me.
    Close competition