Progress Thread Vortech V3 Install

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  1. that explains it, madmike1157 is behind because he had to fab up a vortech for 90lxwhite....

  2. I totally know what you mean. :rlaugh:

    Somewhere around here there's an idiot putting a chebby motor in a Mustang. o_O
  3. @hoopty5.0. But he's alright I guess
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  4. Ha azz just hang in there fellas. It's gonna get better. Dyno graphs and all.
  5. Before and after of course ;)

  6. Oh Jesus....don't ask for a before. He'll go and take it all off again!!!
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  7. Wait... What? Did he actually begin the install? Where'd you see that? :yawn:

  8. Well, maybe not, but I figured since he seems to be attacking the rest of this project bass akwards, that's how he would likely carry it out?
  9. Remember the guy that took like a year for a head swap. What's the over/under on this one? I'm in for $20 for 3 weeks.
  10. wait a minute, only a year to pick and swap heads? thats quick right?
  11. Week Long blocks? I'm in $20 for 6 weeks. Does this start today?
  12. Yep, he got the parts today so the clock is ticking. Maybe we can donate the proceeds to skywalker for a new set of nuts. lol
    That nutswinger cracked me up.
  13. Considering how long you had to wait to receive it, had you gone ahead and starting tearing the car down you'd probably be almost ready!

  14. Rained all day. Before and after si seƱor.
  15. Calm down notch back fever. Trunks are for hauling groceries. This guy is obviously not an azz man. He's had two assless cars the old cougar and the notch.
  16. *Radiator Hoses* I was thinking about getting either chrome or silcone hoses pretty soon here but now I'm realizing that there will probably not be an out of the box fit due to the supercharger. Does anyone know of one or wil I have to say buy a chrome piece, cut it and splice w a rubber piece? How hot do those chrome hoses get? Seems like they'd put off alot of heat.
  17. Both of which will currently wipe the floor with your hatchback. ;)

    ....and the Coupe will do it afterwards too.

    The old V1 and V2 kits used to come with its own chrome relocated radiator hose set up. Does the V3 not?
  18. :rlaugh:
  19. Comes w a coupler that extends stock hose I believe.