Progress Thread Vortech V3 Install

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  1. PFFFT! You're confused because it lacks certain letters, words, and numbers.

    The letters, words, and numbers the thread lacks are:

    drag race
    weak sauce

    Now, if you eliminate all of those, and do a search, you'll find my thread at the top of the list.:banana:
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  2. You forgot the word mustang
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  3. Not any more.:nice:
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  4. ^^^ and V8 or V8 swap

    edit: well 306 is a v8 not sure what an lsx is....:)
  5. I'm mike also by the way.
  6. Update on the install?
  7. It's Saturday

  8. An LSX is touched by the hand of god....

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  9. And destroyed by every hillbilly who thinks he can turn a wrench lol
  10. :fuss:
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  11. But it's my Thursday
  12. I <3 LSx
  13. You must also <3 male on male pron scenes
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  14. I'm feeling real good about my $20 bet on 3 weeks.
  15. Naw, Mike's dismantling it will be tuesday done!
  16. worst. thread. ever.
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