Progress Thread Vortech V3 Install

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  1. Here it comes mofos the moment you've all been waiting for! Tomorrow...... I'm gonna spend Mother's Day morning tearing down and bolting on what I can before work and gonna try and I'm gonna get w Pops on Monday and finish. It'll get there.
  2. All I lack is finishing. Mostly the fuel stuff and the msd. I'm gonna do it tomorrow sometime.
  3. Making my way to the trunk. image.jpg image.jpg
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  4. image.jpg Well got er done. Fires right up, no leaks, ran like a stripped-azz ape. Gonna get a tune but may be a month.
  5. pat yourself on the back 'skywalker'
  6. By Tuesday as promised, very nice Mike!

    Let us know how much SOP gain you got, zoom, zoom.....
  7. Looks great! I'm glad everything worked out for you!
  8. Quite a bit. 50 mph or so to around 100 is pretty quick.
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  9. Very well done Mike. Go back and recheck all the bolts, clamps, and belt. Try and stay out of the pedal until you get it tuned. Make sure you use 93 gas and retard the timing.
  10. Got ya. Thanks man
  11. Getting it tuned? Didn't you get an FMU with the kit? They're generally set up to err on the side of caution. If you were nervous in the meantime, I'd probably just drop a couple hundred dollars on a wide band set up like @madspeed is running to monitor your A/F ratio. Should be plenty safe.

    I'd personally wait till you were ready for an injector upgrade to bring it in for your dyno tune. That way you could delete the FMU altogether and have your fuel needs solely dependant on the injectors?
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  12. I wouldnt consider running a boosted car without an afr gauge
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  13. Even an innvote mtx-l is like 160bucks thats what i have
  14. I just ordered the same kit and it was mentioned that I might need a smog pump elim. bracket. Right now im running just an alt and p/s pump. How does the accessory belt configuration change? I will get some pics of the front of my engine here in a bit, but I just want to know if I need that bracket or not so that I can have it ordered and ready since it takes 10 years to ship stuff to Alaska.
  15. I'm not so much worried really I'm not gonna drive er hard until it gets looked at and prob wont drive it all that much until and honestly it won't be driven that hard very often after. I'm sticking w the fmu. A tune is cheaper than new injectors.
    I'm still running all smog stuff. It's all pretty cramped in there. Had to grind down the t-stat housing some to make room.
  16. What I'm getting at, is why would you attempt a tune and an FMU? The car runs stock fuel pressure until you see any which point the FMU mechanically increases it at the rail via the diaphragm in the FMU. There's really not any way to accurately add or subtract fuel at that point other than changing the disks in the diaphragm, since the control of the fuel system isn't being handled by signals from the ECU.

    If you're going to go to the trouble of taking it in for a dyno tune, then the proper way to do it is to ditch the FMU altogether and utilize larger injectors to supply the fuel needs. You might be able to get it close with the FMU, but it's doubtful you'll ever get it bang on.....which quite frankly is the point of a dyno tune.

    You can get a set of green 42lb/hr FRPP injectors new for about $300 and half of that used. Those will more than support your horsepower needs.
  17. I hear ya but damn $300 for used!? Who wants used injectors!? Kinda gross, like eBay undies. The tune will only run around $250. So I guess if things at the tune go bad I'll be looking at injectors, if it goes fair enough I'm gonn let it ride.
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  18. Wha???? 300 for used injectors??? Injectors either work or they don't. I've bought used injectors many times and never had a problem. Rarely do they go bad IMO. I paid 200 for a set of 8 30lb SVO injectors and a PRO M 75MM Bullit MAF.

    You don't use a FMU and a tune. As Brian said, it's either or. Personally, I would ditch the FMU as its a bandaid and only bumps the FP a static amount per the disc in the FMU, and in turn increases the output of the stock injectors. On a blown application, the max duty cycle is less than N/A. amd that is around 285hp. So you are probably going to max them out anyway with the setup.

    I'd get some 30 or 42 lbers and a MAF, get a tune, and sell the FMU. You don't even need to get the MAF to match the injectors as the tune will correct that. So if someone has a good PRO M 80 or 77MM that is cheap and for a different size injector, it doesn't matter.

    Look on the message boards. There are tons of deals out there as guys as always changing setups. Just don't buy unknown name injectors.
  19. What these guys are telling you is accurate.

    It's like wearing two rubbers because you know that they are both defective.

    Pick one GOOD rubber instead.
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