Forced Induction Vortech V3-si On 1994 Cobra

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  1. Well thanks so much to 94blackcobra for hooking me on adding a Vortech V3-Si Trim to my Cobra. Tonight I ordered 39# FRPP injectors, 255 Walbro fuel pump, and MSD 6al-2. This week, the Vortech unit will be ordered!!
  2. Sounds awesome! I just wonder why you didn't go with 42# injectors? Are you sure those 39's will be up to the task? I know they are only 3 #'s less and I'm not really sure what that all translates into for power possibilities. I'm sure they'd be good up to 450 hp if 42's will carry you over 500!

    Can't wait to see the build start!! Please take lots of pics and do videos.
  3. Some guys over at sn95forums are saying I won't put up over 330rwhp.
  4. I dunno if I wanna get up to 500rwhp. How much can these blocks take?

  5. If you go with the low boost setup, 6-8 psi, you would see around 330rwhp, but if you go with the 8-10 psi kit with the 8 rib belt, you are going to see numbers as good, if not better, than mine. Our stock blocks are good for right around 500rwhp or so. The guy who tuned mine told me that by adding Edelbrock Performer 5.0 heads and an E cam, my car would be very close to the 500rwhp mark. That would be a fairly easy install and I am very tempted to do it but I am now seriously considering building a Dart or Boss based stroker and putting my V3 on that.
  6. Yeah, with an A-trim lol

    And 94blackcobra, what kind of power are you aiming for? If you are not going for more than 500 to the tires a dart or boss block is going to be overkill. The blocks with all the machine work + rotating assembly is going to run you around 4 grand, that plus heads and camshaft will put you over 5k! If you got the bread then hell yeah, go for it! Then you can boost the crap out of the motor without fear of splitting it in half.

    I myself can't find a reason to have a street car with more than 500 hp. If someone beats me when I'm sporting those number so be it. All the new stuff that Ford is putting out is powerful, but heavy as all get out! So our cars don't need as much power as they do to run the same numbers or be as potent on the street.
  7. Yeah, I know one of those blocks would be overkill but it would be fun to build. And because I don't smoke, drink, gamble, do drugs, or go to titty bars, I need something to put my time and money into.
  8. I tell my wife that all the time! lol
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  9. 42s aren't made anymore. I'm having trouble finding them.
  10. FRPP 39lb injectors, Anderson Powerpipe, MSD 6AL2, Walbro 255 pump all ordered.
  11. Excellent. What are you doing for a MAF and when are you ordering the Vortech?
  12. I was thinking of the C&L 76mm that you purchased. Are you happy with this choice or would you do something different?

    Vortech is getting ordered in the morning....
  13. I ended up getting an 80mm C&L. I'm happy with it so far. Whoever is tuning your car may have a preference tho...
  14. Not made anymore? lol... I typed them into google and found lots of places selling them.
  15. I believe the frpp 42lns aren't made anymore. Do you have a link where I could look at them?
  16. the FRPP ones are discontinued, however, they were nothing more than a Bosch injector with a Ford part number on them. You can still get Bosch injectors and I'm told the skinny body ones work with no modifications. Either way, I wouldn't go smaller than 42. The worse thing that could ever happen to a supercharged engine is for it to run out of fuel!
  17. Ahhh, so not so funny now is it? Being as how I was right. LoL. Ok, I'll order up some Bosch 42lbs.
  18. Actually it is funny because you never said "FRPP" 42's. You simply said 42's aren't made anymore to which I said they were. ;) Either way 42's or larger are the way to go. No sense in putting out the money for smaller ones only to outgrow them on the first run on the dyno!
  19. Ya got me! True statement. I just ordered the Vortech and the 42lb Bosch injectors.
  20. Who did you end up getting the vortech from?