Forced Induction Vortech V3-si On 1994 Cobra

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  1. 420 rwhp and 435 rwtq

    What's the time frame for getting it all buttoned up and back to you? I take it you'll be there for dyno tuning and get us some videos right?
  2. Allegedly Friday. I sure hope so, because I leave on vacation for a week on Saturday. Yes, if they allow me to be present, I will be there for sure taking videos.

    If I put up 420rwhp, I would run through my town naked with excitement!
  3. I don't think I'd allow a dyno shop to tune my car if I wasn't allowed to watch. I'm glad that I'm able to install my own superchargers and any part I wish on my own and it's bad enough I have to pay someone to tune it, but you better believe that I will be watching like a hawk when anyone but myself is messing with my car!
  4. 415 hp and 425 tq. Did you get the alternator issue figured out?
  5. Yep, the alternator is all figured out.
  6. What was the problem?
  7. Ohhh.....this is embarrassing. So I get home, and I'm getting ready to pull the alternator off and grind the bracket down. Then I figure, no, screw this, I took this car into the shop for work, and now it doesn't run. This is their problem. Plus they offered to take a look free of charge since they felt somewhat responsible.

    So AAA tows the thing in for me (no charge). I call the shop later and it running? Yeah, it's running, come over and pick it up when you're ready.

    So I get there and what was the problem?

    Oh. Man. I'm really very sorry. When we put those pulleys on for you, we didn't switch the belt for a smaller one.

    They charged me next to nothing for a new belt. No charge for the installation. They apologized. No damage done to the car, and I only lost a few hours of my time with the tows (I get hours of my time wasted by other people all how could I be super pissed at these guys when they admitted and apologized for something that was their fault).

    No harm done. Today is another day.
  8. Well I called today to check on it. It was originally supposed to be buttoned up and finished dyno by Friday. I dropped it off on Monday. They still hadn't started on it as of today b/c some other jobs backed them up. Grrr....oh well. it's just like waiting for Christmas.
  9. That sucks. Shoulda brought it to me ;)
  10. Yeah, give a couple of us plane tickets and we'll come do it for you!
  11. I wish I coulda have. You guys would have been fun to hang out with. Ohio is 94 though today. I don't think you'd like to be in my garage.
  12. I'm in Charleston, WV today, and it's 94 here too. I can't wait to get back to the south where it's cool. Never thought I would say that.

  13. Well originally I was supposed to have the car finished up and back in my garage today. I called at 3pm and it still wasn't even started. Then they tell me they are going to start it at the end of next week. That they were finishing up some other projects. Well...then why did I have to bring it down on Monday? Jeez...5 day drop off at the shop is now turning into a minimum 20 day project. Frustrated.....
  14. That's how it begins every time. The 2 weeks turns into 2 months real quick. The longer your ride sits down there the more chances of crap happening to it. Seats get ripped, paint gets scratched, stuff ends up missing, the whole nine yards! I've seen this stuff happen at even the most respected shops which is why I won't let anyone touch my car unless it's rear end gears or exhaust work. And even those things I have to sit there and watch or it's not happening!
  15. Also, if you have the tools I'm confident we can get you through the install youself. And being a V3 it really is going to be cake compared to the older design with oil pan tapping required. Just throwing that out there.
  16. Well I emailed the shop and on Sunday night and gave a moderate "I'm not happy with this bull:poo:" type of email. Let's see where that gets me.
  17. I demand an update!
  18. ^^^^^^^^^
  19. Well, it is finally being worked on and is supposed to be on the dyno on Wednesday. By the way, what did you do with the cobra oiler intercooler?
  20. The oil cooler will have to be removed but it is super easy to get it off.