Forced Induction Vortech V3-si On 1994 Cobra

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  1. Ok good. The only other thing I'm bummed at is my upper chrome radiator hose doesn't fit anymore.
  2. Yeah, the radiator hose has to be shortened a little bit.
  3. Ok, stopped by the shop today to drop off some gauges and the blower is in. :banana: They just need to put the gauges in and put it on the dyno and then it's back in my hands.'s having a little fun and planning the next upgrade.
  4. I ran a 13.6 in this car in the 1/4 mile when I first got it with no mods. What do you guys think it takes to put this car in the 11's?
  5. Some slicks or drag radials and maybe some meth injection so you can add more timing and HP, that should put you deep into the 11's.
  6. On Street tires I ran like a 12.6 at 120MPH. First gear was a waste of time and I had to lift at 1000' foot because I could here some detonation. That MPH is pretty strong for letting off. You'll need traction if you want 11's. They will kick you out with no cage at 11.99 anyway. Many like to be kicked out at that time though.
  7. They changed the rules, it's 11.49 or faster now and you need a rollbar.

  8. Are you not going to be there for the dyno tuning?
  9. Yeah, when is this thing scheduled to spin the rollers?
  10. Initially it was scheduled to go on tomorrow. It got backed up a day because apparently I did not order a wide band A/F gauge. So that took me back a day. Plus they want to run it first thing in the morning since it's so damn hot here lately. So now we're looking at Thursday morning. Unfortunately, my son has surgery scheduled for Thursday as well. If they can't run it at 7am, so I can watch a couple of pulls I'm gonna have them do it without me there. At this point I need the damn car back. I'm sick of this. This is why I had a damn APPOINTMENT.
  11. Mind you tomorrow is DAY 30 THAT IT HAS BEEN IN THE SHOP.
  12. Ummmm wtf?! What's the latest?
  13. Its going on the dyno tomorrow.
  14. Well, the dyno shop does NOT need your A/F gauge to tune the car. That is just for your personal reassurance.

    I'd be pissed too though, 30 days to put in a blower and tune?
  15. Yep, blower and tune. The only saving grace is that they do good work. But I am not a happy camper. I guess the old adage is can get things fast, cheap, or good. But not all three.
  16. That is only true if you are relying on other people to get your job done, which is why I do nearly everything myself.
  17. Ok, we're on for 700a tomorrow morning.
  18. 387rwhp. I really wanted that precious 400hp mark. But I'm happy with it. Also happy that they let me watch the tune. Again, not happy with how long this took to get done, but I do think they do very good work.
  19. And the tuner is a great guy. Very nice to talk to.