Forced Induction Vortech V3-si On 1994 Cobra

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  1. The thing runs like a raped ape. I love it. My god this is a new animal. Only one problem. I drove it home, everything was cool, now the fuel pressure, air/fuel, and boost gauge all shut down. Soo...guess I'll need to get that adjusted. Have no idea how this happened.
  2. I'm sure it is something minor on those gauges. How much torque did you see on the dyno?
  3. My guess is all those gauges are sharing the same power source and it's disconnected somehow.

  4. That's why you do the @ tags to get his attention :nice:
  5. I'd be interested to know how much timing it was running and how hot the ACT's were. Also do you remember how hot it was in the dyno cell when the car was run?
  6. So you made 387 hp and 382 tq with an ambient temperature of 75*. Those aren't bad numbers at all.
  7. Yeah, and they even listed the ambient at 85. I took the temp outside of the garage.
  8. Are you satisfied with those numbers or still wanting to see over 400?
  9. Well, honestly, it's kind of a drug. I would love to push this thing to 450. That being said, I am very happy with how it ran yesterday. I took my brother in law for a ride and it scared the :poo: out of him.
  10. Oh sorry, it made 383. I read it wrong. Either way.
  11. Did it max out at 10 psi boost or did you see higher?
  12. I honestly don't know if I would put a methanol kit on this. Just not too into it right now I guess. Most likely because I don't know it.

    I do have a couple of things I'd left to do to it:

    Trick Flow Heads, Cam, Intake.
    Aeromotive Fuel Rails
    MSD Distributer
    Smoothed Engine Bay

    That pretty much sums up the rest.
  13. If you swap out the h/c/i, you should be flirting with 450 easy. I was told that if I swapped out my heads for Edelbrock 5.0's and an F cam I could expect around an 80 rwhp gain. The tuner recommended the Edelbrock 5.0's because they will allow you to keep the stock valve covers and the stock intake.

    Methanol injection is a viable and proven way to increase power and acts as a safeguard against detonation. They used it on WWII fighter planes, so the idea has been around for a while. I actually have a meth injection system being delivered tomorrow.

    Other options for adding power without the expense of swapping the h/c/i would be to run E85 or racing fuel. E85 is cheap and has an octane rating of 100+ but the downside is that you have to run about 30% more fuel, which could mean you would need larger injectors and fuel pump. It also lowers your mpg's a good amount. Racing fuel will net you the greatest power gains with no additional modifications required, other than needing to have your car tuned for it. The downside is that it can be expensive, around $7.00/gallon, and it may not be available locally. I have been seriously considering running racing fuel because I don't put that many miles on the car every year and there are a lot of places around me that sell it.

    I was told not to bother swapping out the stock fuel rails because they will handle around 500 hp without a problem.
  14. Thanks for the advice! I wasn't swapping out the rails for HP, just for bling. :)
  15. Like I said, a meth injection kit will net you more gain than H/C/I on a Cobra. On a GT it's another story but you guys already have better flowing intake and heads so what's hurting you now is heat. Just look at turbo kits running 3-4 psi less boost and making 450-475 HP easily. Obviously there is much less drag on the motor to turn a turbo but it's also due to the fact that they enjoy 100-120* inlet temps because of being intercooled. When I had my car dyno'd I was seeing I believe around 220* ACT's!! My tuner said I could easily be well over 400hp if I could cool that down. He also said once the Meth kit is installed and tuned I won't even know it's there until I have to fill up the tank! Swapping your top end is just pissing in the wind at this point, you need to cool that thing off.

    If you had forged pistons you could run a little closer to the edge of detonation but most "good" tuners will err on the side of caution and have the computer pull a lot of timing when the air heats up. If you install a top end kit you won't realize it's full potential because again, the computer is just pulling all the timing out of it.
  16. thinks I better start educating myself before I make any big purchases.
  17. On a side note, I now have a broken interior panel. Can anyone tell me where to find a replacement? I looked at 50resto, cjpony. View attachment 146691