Forced Induction Vortech V3-si On 1994 Cobra

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  1. try or your local junk yard.
  2. I don't think he will make more power than h/c/i swap by adding meth injection alone. I am thinking he would need to upgrade his crank pulley so he is seeing 14+ psi in boost.
  3. Well he can do the H/C/I and I'll do meth injection alone and we'll post up results. Even if Meth comes up 10-15 HP shy of a new top end it's still MUCH MUCH safer than running with just a heat pump, not to mention MUCH MUCH cheaper. 300$ vs 3000$ lol. All the heads, cams and intakes in the world won't make a difference if you're huffing a bunch of hot air into the motor.

    Though, if he opens up the top end boost will drop and the blower won't have to work as hard anymore, thus making the air cooler.
  4. Here is a nice example of what an upgraded h/c/i and non-intercooled blower combo would look like:

    Kevin Prusinski (Ponyboy19)-1995 MUSTANG GT, 460 HP / 453 TQ.
    ATI procharger P1-SC Non Intercooled Supercharger 14# boost, Custom bent blower Tube, Trick Flow Heads (Box stock), Crower 15510 cam (LC 114 duration 212/212 lift .531/.531 @ .050), Edelbrock Performer Intake (box stock), Edelbrock 65MM Throttle Body, Double roller Timing Chain, FMS 1.6 Roller Rockers, 3/8 Phenolic Intake Spacer, 3.5" Pro-M Univer Mass Air Meter, Romac Alluminum 50oz balancer, 42lb Motorsport Injectors, Walbro GSS340 255lph, Vortech T-Rex Inline Auxillary Fuel Pump, Kirban Billet Fuel Pressure Regulator, 10.8-11.0:1 air fuel ratio, 17 degrees total timing, MSD 6AL Ignition, MSD Coil, Acell 300+ Cap/Rotor, Homemade Powerpipe, Saleen Equal Length 1 5/8 headers, MAC 2 1/2" Off Road H-Pipe, 2 1/2" Flowmaster 2 chambers With Dumps, Custom Chip And Dyno Tune.
  5. Well I've got more than half of that :poo: already!
  6. Oh yeah...and my MAC Ceramic Longtubes just showed up.....wheeeee
  7. My combo has TF heads, Ed Curtis cam and cobra intake, vortech s trim (OOOOLD and inefficient) at 13 psi non intercooled and it put 420/410 on a known stingy Mustang dyno. Would be around 460/450 on a dyno jet.

    Gt40 junk is just that.... Junk. Both hci and meth would be beneficial.
  8. Just because GT40 stuff isn't "as good" as TFS or AFR doesn't make it junk. Mustangs aren't as good as Ferrari Enzo's either but it doesn't make Mustangs junk now does it. GT40 parts have their place in the Mustang world and they serve their purpose well. Not everyone can afford to dump 3 thousand dollars on a top end kit and most people don't NEED the power that 3 grand will buy. So they go out and spend 4 or 5 hundred bucks in the junkyard to make their pony a little quicker which is really what these cars are all about. And the fact that people have gotten 300rwhp out of GT40 heads is amazing. No need to hate on GT40 parts just because YOU can afford better.

    Sweet sig pic BTW!
  9. I wouldn't necessarily call it junk either. I would love to have some better stuff, and I just may by this winter, but it isn't junk.

  10. I busted my ass for an entire summer working on a damn near salvaged GT and sold it. Used every last penny to buy a used set of TF heads. Nice assumption Sherlock :poke:

    It's about dedication. I traded 200 hours of driveway labor for pre purchasd heads. I'd say another 80 horse or so makes them the better offering, this why I concluded GT40's are junk compared to other offerings for a few hundred more. I was offering my .02 since I have been there and done that with fords offerings and went the way of aftermarket.

    Take advice or don't, your choice.
  11. Easy now fellas.

  12. Sorry wasnt trying to come off too strong, just my personality. I'm not mad at all.

    We also clearly agree on my sig too which instantly makes him a badass :D
  13. Going from shorties to long tubes should help out a little. What are you doing for X/H pipe?
  14. I already have a MAC H pipe with hi flow cats.
  15. The h pipe for shorty headers is different than the h pipe for long tube headers.
  16. Well piss, I suppose I'll put a new one on then.
  17. You should be able to recoup some money by selling what you've got though. Your tune will probably need to be tweaked as well because with long tubes the O2 sensors are moved further downstream so it takes longer for them to heat up and function properly.
  18. Yeah this one I'm definitely saving for down the road. I found a good deal on them so I picked them up.
  19. Does anyone else find it ironic that the guy who was bashing the GT40 stuff has a GT40 intake?

  20. I'm not a basher, don't take my experience and advice if you dont want to. I have purposely limited my combo and find the cobra manifold with a slight port to be the most street able. I didn't come in here to swing cocks brother, I find it pointless. :nice: