Vortech vs. Procharger

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Vortech vs. Procharger

  1. Procharger P1SC Stage II with 3Core

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  2. Vortech S-Trim with Aftercooler

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  1. Soon I will be getting a supercharger for the good 'ol 2000GT so I was just wondering which you guys thought was better and why
  2. i like the power /torque numbers ive seen out of the pro chargers, but i think the vortech is the better overall blower. (reliability)
  3. cant go wrong with either. personally i love the intercooler from procharger more then the one that vortech uses
  4. I like Vortech for reliability and it will make more than enough power than your stock SB can handle.
  5. air 2 air with procharger rules. yayyy
    Vortech just looks ugly and aftercooler is air to water that I don't like
  6. vortech with the paxton a2a cooler
  7. I see a Procharger P1SC in my cars furture. :nice:
  8. me too or turbo it I can get for less then 5000
  9. I'm biased....Vortech :jester: Instead of buying the aftercooler from vortech, why not get the intercooler from Paxton, less invasive, no maintenance, easier to install, and doesn't get heat soaked.
  10. Thats kinda what I am thinking now, a Vortech V-1 S-Trim w/ a paxton Air-to-Air intercooler. So I guess the question now is, would that be better than the procharger kit?
  11. Depends on your ultimate goal:

    Vortech S & SQ trim
    Maximum airflow: 1,000 CFM
    Maximum boost pressure: 20 PSI
    Maximum impeller speed: 53,000 RPM

    ProCharger P-1SC
    Maximum airflow: 1,200 CFM
    Maximum boost pressure: 30 PSI
    Maximum impeller speed: 62,000 RPM

    ProCharger has more potential but the question would really be do you need thaty potential or not. Also, at higher boost it has been shown the Procharger's i/c gets really restrictive which normally warrants a change. Pro's about the Procharger is that it is self-contained oil wise. They are both great blowers and make about the same power on stock engines and less than 10lbs of boost so either one you can't go wrong with.
  12. Id go Vortech personally, I just dont like Prochargers track record, whether its all fixed or not, Id be uneasy with it. Also, Id go with the Paxton i/c as well. If you want more flow, Tim has a 250$ upgrade to the T-trim with his Mongoose kit, so maybe go that route. You could always go Novi 2000 and flow more than the Vortech or the procharger...

  13. the S trim is underrated. it will actually out perform the P1sc in most cases.

    i suggest a S trim with an air to air intercooler. the aftercooler is more geared towards race only apps whereas the intercooler is better for street cars.
  14. also, the there are far fewer problems wiht S trims than the P1sc. if you like Procharger, go D1sc or higher.

  15. Then just buy a air to air intercooler instead !!!!!!!

    Anyways who offers FMIC air-air for the mustangs anyways???

    I had a Greddy 2-Row FMIC on my 7 kick ass look and cooling.

    I've always hated the air-water intercoolers air-air so much more simple and looks 10X better!!


    Why does the paxton intercooler look cheap and small.

    Damn i might just buy a Greddy intercooler again and fab. up some mounts and boost tubes.
  16. How do you figure it looks cheap or small. I can tell you it is neither, but with a name like importrx7 I can imagine your loyalty to Greddy. Air to water a/c's have their place. Where they shine is at the track. The ability to fill the resevoir with ice before a run will give you the advantage over any air to air i/c. The downside is it is prone to heat soak in traffic which is the reason why a/a i/c's are ideal for street cars. My pick would be the S-trim or SQ if you don't want the louder whine. Also, if you plan on staying lower boost (and be truthful to yourself), then there would be no point in going with a Novi or T-trim. Take this as you will from somone who has said blower on their car for 2 years.

  17. Greddy makes good parts, just nothing for mustangs which sucks.

    I'd buy another greddy blow-off valve, intercooler, and turbo anyday.

    Sorry still love my imports, but only the good ones, supras, 7's, 8's, and evo's.
  18. Show me one 600rwhp 2v 4.6l Procharger p1sc mustang. Here's a Vortech strim that did.
    How I have only seen a couple pisc's the broke 500 on the 2v. Vortech rates their's at a higher standard. It has to be 73% efficent and thats where they rate the cfm and max rpm at.
  19. Actualy Greddy is a very reputable company in the import world.
    Greddy makes quality parts and manufactures one of the best turbos
    on the market today.
  20. I'm curious why you guys say reliability goes to Vortech. I'm not saying its not true but I've just never heard of either blower having reliability issues. Is it because the procharger materials are of a lesser quality because I've heard that before but nothing about them breaking.