Vortech YSI 5.0 renegade Kit, AFM Power Pipe, LT headers, 8 72LB injectors

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  1. Vortech YSI Polished Renegade Kit Mondo Bypass - comes with spare belt, very low millage probably around 1000 tops, kit new is over 5K. It is missing the Oil feed line. Comes with Smog pump delete pulley. Pieces not polished are painted metallic blue Driver side 5.0L kit


    AFM Power PIpe with filter, FIlter looks a it pressed from getting it up in the fender well. Very good condition no holes in filter. One hole made in the rubber elbow that connects to the supercharger, this is where I put my meth injection hose can be glued shut. Is on the bottom so you will not see the patch work if you need to glue it.

    Hooker Super comp LT's for 302, some of the tubes are removable for easy install. Bottom of one or two of the pipes has a bit of denting from being bottomed out. no holes, a bit dirty 3" collectors

    8 72LB injectors

    Let me know if you have any questions,make sure you PM me with offers and questions I dont come check the thread every minute

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  2. Did you sell it?
    Can we not pm on here anymore?
    Send me a message if you can.
  3. What year mustang is this set up for
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