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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by GTStang08, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. Up for sale is my vortech YSi polished kit. comes with brackets, head unit, piping, vortech mondo BOV, paxton air to air intercooler,T bolt clamps, Maf and power pipe.
    My car put down 684RWHP and 578RWTQ.
    05+ mustangs
    price $4900 (not preferred shipping, but will drive up to 150 miles, im located in burbs of chicago)

  2. What year Mustang did this come off of? On the Vortech site, there are different kits for the 05-06 and 07-09. How much boost were you running to get those numbers? What else would be needed to install? injectors, fuel pump, etc.
  3. My car is a 2008. So it would bolt directly on a 07-09 no problem. Only thing different on the 05-06 is 1 intercooler pipe and the collant cross over. I was running 20lbs of boost. Pump and injectors yup
  4. 20lbs boost - I'm guessing not stock internals. Pump and injectors included in sale? What else would be needed to install?
  5. Give me a call 773-844-8527
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