Who would you vote for in the upcoming MOD election?

  1. DMAN302

  2. President Bush

  3. Martha Stewart

  4. Charles Manson

  5. No point to this vote. Daggs is gonna smack it down

  6. I vote we give Strype a Wedgie!

  7. StangNet is not a Republic or Democracy

  1. Ha i can go to work tommorrow and snap some pics of this girl with some big knockers if it gets me in.
  2. ill be in the pic... i dont think the swap will happen ill see what i can get to happen tho!
  3. It's GOTTA happen... that was the deal for not making you wear the dress!
  4. oh no... my man! you gotta get pics of you sleeping with your boss even if its a man!!!!
  5. I need do nothing of the kind... pledge!
  6. daggar you gotta be more realistic here... girls at hooters dont just take there shirts off... i no the power you have on stangnet is alot but dont let it get to your head... if the best i can do is get the girls to hold a sign and kiss my cheeks... then thats the best i can do... im not gonna go in there and apply force to get girls undressed in there place of work... if they dont they dont... if they do then thats a bonus!
  7. Don't listen to 90mustang... he's not a member yet. :p
  8. not you daggar - rsstang....
  9. You should have no problem sending her into the restroom with your shirt so she can change for the pic. She has to be wearing your and you wearing hers... use common sense when working out the logistics. :rolleyes:
  10. what if i go in there... say is my b-day and have some take a pic of me dancing on the table holding the sign and all the girls dancing with me ....
  11. The terms have already been set and second and thirded.

    Your task is at hand.
  12. And what shall my task be. I can pull it off under 2 days.
  13. huh

  14. Most of the Posse is in transition from work to home... I'm sure they'll come in and offer suggestions and/or nominate you for entrance.
  15. I would recommend the all you eat many wings and perhaps consume a beer of german decent...good luck on your mission pledge. Should you succeed you will be rewarded with all the secrets that have been shared between memebers, passed down from generation-to-generation...truths will me known to you, not only of stangnet, but of so many things that non members could never have dreamed to have wanted to know. (lets hope he don't realize we don't know **** before we get the pics posse brothers)
  16. Charlie's out next year iirc!
  17. Mum's the word. :Zip2:
  18. Nnnnnnnope! :D