Expired Vredestein's Newest Vorti R Tires, 305/30/20 And 265/35/20

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  1. I picked up these new Vred's with the thought I would be able to modify my rear wheels enough to make them fit on my 09 Cadillac CTS-V. Unfortunately for me, not quite, and I'm not ready to purchase a new set of wheels at the proper offset. These are VERY grippy tires with a UTGC of 160, compared to the Michelin PS2's at 220. The rears are brand new, never driven but they have been mounted and dismounted once. The fronts have about 150-200 miles as I was working with the rears. Loved the grip and ride on the fronts and very disappointed I couldn't make these work. The Vorti R is the latest incarnation and sizes are limited for the time being, so I am going to the previous Vorti with a 295/30/20 on the rear @ UTGC 300, similar to the Michelin Super Sports.
    Rears retail @ $710 for both, sell for $600. Fronts retail @ $600 for pair, sell for $475, plus shipping from 92692. Prefer to sell as set but will split as pairs. email to jb_bgg@yahoo.com. pics @ http://www.ctsvowners.com/forum/sho...Vorti-R-s-265-35-20-amp-305-30-20-up-for-sale
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  2. got some pics of the CTS-V?
  3. Please include images WITHIN your ad per forum guidelines.

  4. Hey Noobz,

    I tried to post pics within the post but could not. Only option I get when I click on images is a URL direct; the pics are on drive. Be happy to post them but assumed since I have only a few posts. Can also post some pics of the V as requested once I know how or am given permission to do so.
  5. You can up load them directly to the site. The links that you provided are behind another forum that is blocked by your user name and password. In the lower right hand corner of the reply window, you will see an UPLOAD button. You can load those photos from your local hard drive or place the links for the photos in the location window that pops up after hit the UPLOAD FILE button.
  6. Here's some pics of the tires...

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  7. ... and here's a pic of the V... REALLY wished the 305's would have worked. They would have hooked much better than the stock PS2's.

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  8. Thanks Mang. :)
  9. Sale pending on rears, fronts still available.
  10. 305's sold, 265's still available - $450 shipped in US.
  11. Fronts sold, Admin please delete post; thank you!
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