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  1. So on my current harness i have my VSS input signal hanging by my transmission. I don't have a plug for my vss sensor and was going to solder/shrinkwrap/dielectric harderner to fill it. Then on the wires to use a weatherpack connector. I have done this lots before and never had a problem. My problem is the VSS sensor I am using is from my old 94 mustang gt transmission and the existing wire harness has since left my garage. i was wondering if anyone could tell me the polarity of this sensor? A pic pointing at which pin is +vss and -vss would be excellent! I want to get this done because my ecu has gear detection and I want to include this with my traction control algorithm. Plus I would like to know how fast I am going....

  2. All I need is someone to say "when looking at the back of the sensor with the pins at the top. The left one is ____ color and the other one on the right is ____ color" I can test it on an oscilloscope when I get home but this would save me some time.
  3. according to the manual,

    pink/orange= VSS-

    gray/black= VSS+

    just save the pics,and zoom in if you cant see it clearly.


  4. Thanks dude man!
  5. Its a good thing I posted that.
    I forgot myself.

    Removing the SpeedCal for the LRS 3.73 speedo gears.