VT N/A Camshaft video/soundclip

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  1. Hey guys.

    A lot of people have asked us for sound clips for our camshafts. One of our customers has posted this very short video of his car idling with our wild n/a camshafts. The quality of the video isn't super, but it gives you an idea of the idling quality of our cams. The car had not been tuned yet, so this is how they idled just installing them. Enjoy! :nice:



  2. Has a nice balanced and mellow lope to it. Sounds very very nice :flag: What are the specs on that cam?
  3. that sounds sick. what kinda price estimate would a pair of those puppies run?
  4. Damn, I want a pair. I am leaning more and more toward staying N/A. I love the sound!
  5. Wow! Sounds great. I think that is with Flowmasters. :nice:

    Seriously I wonder if he will gain or lose HP/TK across the rpm range with those cams. I have seen that happen with blower cams on an N/A car.
  6. Stage 2 N/A cam specs are:

    560/575 lift, 225/235 .050 dur, 270/282 adv dur, 108/108 C/L

    Team VT
  7. Shoot me a PM for pricing numbers.


    Team VT
  8. They aren't blower grinds. Check above for the cam specs. These cams make massive torque...there is a dyno graph posted over on MD.

    Team VT
  9. holy crap that sounded sick!!!!! :drool:
  10. Arrr! Can't find!! :bang: Which thread?
  11. damn I need cams. I cant wait till spring. Toss up between the SHM, VT and comp.
  12. How are those wild N/A cams from a daily driver point of view?

    <-----Wants a set of worked heads. It's just soooo hard to toss that kind of $$$ down. :(

  13. The wild n/a cams are now known as the Stage2 because the "wild" has an appearance of racey. We run these cams in our shop car that is daily driven, and the owner of the car in the video also daily drives his car. No worries at all in a daily driven car. All our cams have been designed for street dutied vehicles. :nice:
  14. Oh, cool. I agree on how calling it the "wild" cam affects its image. At first it made me think you sacrifice 100lbs of torque down low for extra HP. :D

    Car sounds awesome. I always wondered what a cam like that would sound like on my car, since the Magnaflows are really quiet at idle.
  15. could i use those same ones on my automatic ?.. with the mods i have on ?

    are the mufflers flowmasters with dumps ?

  16. Hey Jim,

    Did you gents ever dyno a N/A car, then replace the PI cams with Stage 2 and re-dyno? I'm real curious about what sort of gains these cams have over stockers. Thanks!

  17. This car had Dynomax mufflers w/ dumps (shorty headers w/ offroad pipe). We have not back to back dyno tested these cams with stock components. Our stage 1 cams will be dyno tested back to back w/ stock cams on a car with bolt on parts, no internal work done/no head porting, etc. Should have those #'s in a month or so.


    EDIT- you will require ~2800 rpm convertor for your automatic.
  18. Scott,
    is there a possibility that after winter some of us stangers from Ohio could come take a gander at your shop?