VT N/A Camshaft video/soundclip

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by VTEngine, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. Absolutely. Bring up the posse for a shop tour. We may even hold a dyno day, so that would be cool too for you guys. See the show, and get you power #'s all on the same day.

  2. OK,so not trying to make this sound like a sales pitch. What are the main difference between you cams and SHM? Cause Im looking at the 2770 Hot Street/Strip Supercharged Camshaft. Duration @ .050 232/242 Lift .550/.550 LSA 113. , 3.27-4.10 gears, 2000+ stall converter, rough idle. Needs exhaust. PI head $549, since I will probably be going with some Juice or a blower in the future.

  3. Cams sound awesome! :nice:
  4. Nick...unfortunately our legal team has advised us against commenting on SHM or it's products......due to the lawsuit he has filed against us. But feel free to PM and we can talk........

    Team VT
  5. Do you think these cams could pass Cali smog?

    I'd imagine I would have to get a rather tame tune to make it pass, right? If it even stood a chance to pass.
  6. Sweet Scott!

  7. My VT blower cams sound great and will certainly help complete the combo once the blower is on.
    VT cams are the way to go. :nice:

    FYI - I'm putting together sound clips of my car and hope to have them posted by end of week.

  8. Please post a sound clip of your car when you have it. I heard your car over the phone and it sounded nice. :nice: I think Tim was inhaling the exhaust fumes though......... :D

  9. :lol:

    :hail2: VT ENGINES :hail2:

    In Scott we trust :canflag:

  10. :rlaugh: Tim is definitely addicted to the sound of my car. He sold me on the exhaust combo without me ever hearing it before hand, but I had to trust him and I'm sure glad I did.
  11. Man id love to see and hear your setup with a Kenne bell pushing about 14-20psi :D

  12. Im with him!!!
  13. :stupid:
  14. Sorry guys, but I guess I'm just not a Roots style guy. I'll be pushing that amount of psi though.
  15. But what about twin screw? :D best of both worlds ;) Roots and twin screw are not the same...

  16. Twin Screw or Novi 2000!!!!
  17. I'd also like to know what is available for CA residents.
  18. We have no way of testing for emissions, so we can guarantee anything. The stage2's will be likely be too aggressive for Cali, but the stage1's should be fine.

    Novi 2000 on Atlanta_GTer's ride!
  19. Damn, that sucks.

    What are the specs on your stage 1 cams? Also, do you use regrinds?
    With your stage 1 cam, will it be crucial that I get a tune asap or could they be 'bolted' in and be fine for a while until I get a tune?

  20. Stage1 specs are :


    Can be used w/ stock springs, and should be able to run issue free w/ out a tune. A custom tune will allow the car to idle perfecty, and optimize the potential of the camshaft upgrade. We use new billet sticks, not regrinds. Thanks again.