VT N/A Camshaft video/soundclip

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  1. Does VT have a grind for the Kenne bell blower?
  2. the blower cams would work fine with any type of blower I bet but I would think they could do custom grinds.

    Scott, do you gus recommend after market springs though? I was going with Comp of course.

  3. Hey Scott at VTE, where can I get them?...Would you recommend Ronnie Diaz Motorsports since they are an authorized distibutor and 1 hell of a nice guy? LOL LOL
  4. Ron, you're such a little joker. :p
  5. I wonder how much power I would get from some blower cams with stock heads(for now). I'd love to get some but I'm a little paranoid since I already have 400+ rwhp on this stock block.

    I wish I had the dough to do what you did Jared. When you throw that blower on there, you are really going to have some fun. :D
  6. VT, do you have any specs as compared to stock? I am thinking of changing my mind and staying NA instead of adding a sc in the future, and a cam swap is a must for this choise. Im simply asking about stock #'s since the cams would be the first thing I replaced, then intake, then heads due to $$$.

    Thanks man... oh and sounds pretty good :nice:

  7. Our blower cams gained 87hp over stock cams ON STOCK HEADS with 12psi.

    Team VT
  8. SPECS from a set of cams from a 2000GT as measured on he cam doctor:

    STOCK: .500/.529 lift
    201/208 .050 dur
    252/260 adv dur
    113/116 C/L

    our STAGE 2: .560/.575 lift
    225/235 .050 dur
    270/282 adv dur
    108/108 C/L

    Team VT
  9. I finally figured out which VTEngine guy is which lol.

    Has there been any problems with the bottom end of the 4.6 with that high lift? My friend was asking me if I think that my motor could stand revving up to 6500 or 7000 and not spin a bearing or bend a rod since I drive pretty hard.

  10. Guess it wouldn't be to good an idea to throw those on a stock block, then. :) I'll add those to my list when Tim builds my long block....
  11. Nick.

    With stock cylinder heads, the car won't make power that high in the rpm range anyways, so you'd be wasting time and wearing out components for no reason. With the stock heads/intake/exhaust intact, you'll see peak power before 6000rpm, which a stock motor can rev to very safely.
  12. I'm the smart one........

    Team VT
  13. I (Jim) am VTEngines (with an "s"). Scott is VTengine (no "s"). t only gets confusing when he posts from my computer. Thats why we try to sign our names all the time now........LOL!

    Team VT

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  15. you forgot idiot.


  16. How much for the cams? Can I use both stage 1 and stage 2 cams with stock heads and which would make more sence? I would like to keep the car N/A. Is there a computer flash or chip that you recomend with a cam swap?

    Sorry for all the questions......
  17. Can I Install The stage 2 Cam on a total stock motor with just flowmasters? How hard is it to install cams on a 4.6? I looks to be simple but Ive never worked on a 4.6. So if i were to get the S2 cams with new rockers and springs I should be able to run the ***t out of the motor and not have to worry. So if I were to have them Installed and tuned how much would that cost?
  18. If you have a stock intake and exhaust, with no head porting, we strongly recommend the stage 1 cams. The stage2's were designed for ported heads, intake upgrades and longtubes. They WILL work with stock components (intake/exhaust) but the cams will be extremely choked down.
  19. If one were to bolt these cams into a pretty stock '02 engine with the factory PCM, is that idle going to cause a misfire MIL?

    That car sounds just awsome BTW :nice: :D