VT N/A Camshaft video/soundclip

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by VTEngine, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. Soundclip of the Stage 1's? Trying to decide whether to stay N/A or not, but with the rapid performance parts availablity, now we have alternatives!

    What if I installed, BBK ceramic coated LT, Stage 2 heads, and Stage 2 Cams for my 01 GT with the stock intake, What would be the estimated gains? Also do you reccomend Stage 2 cams with the stock intake?

  2. Check out our dyno results just posted today with our stage1 cams. This was done on a STOCK longblock (no porting, no compression), just bolt ons. The stock intake will choke down the stage2 cams. If you intend to upgrade the intake later, then it's not a bad choice.
  3. I am just not impessed with any of the intakes out there yet. Can you PM me with a price on the Stage 2 Cams and my options of heads to go along with these cams and price as well. Thanks!

    Also, where do I find the dyno chart for the Stage 1 Cams, and what bolt on's were used? Maybe the Stage one would be a better option for me, but I love the lope of the Stage 2's :hail2:?
  4. Hey Jim this is Billy in Dallas we spoke earlier. We cant' wait to get ya'll or "you guys"(up north) on board here at Middlekauff Ford in Plano Texas.

    Where are these dyno results at? (FOUND EM'):bang:

    Also what was the cost installed?

    Going to get a set for my 2000 GT for a test.:banana:
  5. sounds like these will be great for my headswap!
  6. sweeeeeeeet! that thing sounds awesome! how much would ported heads and stage 2 cams run in N/A?ive got to get that set up for the gt. thanks
  7. wow that car sounds great! nice job guys! :)