w00t I got a girl

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  1. This is really :OT: but that's what the talk forums are for right? Anyways, my stupid ass finally got a g/f. After 2+ years of being single, I'm so happy! :D anyways, just thought I'd say that in case i'm around on the forums being a dumb ass. I'd show you picture but I don't have any and she's hates cameras..
  2. :rlaugh: I was thinking you got a child

    Anyway, in the SN tradition PIITB
  3. well

    well i just sold my cadi, and bought my first mustang, and it took me 2 days to get a new girl.
  4. If it took a new car for you to get a girl, what's that say about you? :nice:
  5. Question is, what's that say about the girl?
  6. mustangs rock :D
  7. I got my girl before my stang...my girlfriend hates it cause I spend so much time and money on it! haha, she still loves that her friends boyfriends have crappy cars.
  8. I got my girl when I drove a 86 Ford F150 2wd.LOL. Those were the days. The truck was a pile and all the girls always complained i needed to get a new ride. I finally dropped the cash on a stang. Cars should have nothing to do with relationships. They're just bragging rights for them once you got one. :D
  9. 86 Ford F150 2WD. LOL. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: That truck was such a pile. Brought back old memories. :rlaugh:

    It was a good truck for working, had so much rust you couldn't tell it was white anymore. :p
  10. I got my girlfriend while I was driving around my 4 banger 1990 LX hatchback mustang. Now I've upgraded to an 01 v6 vert but kept the same girl.
  11. nah... my car never had to do anything with the girls around here, yeah they thought it was hot with the convertable, but they had no clue what a 5.0 was compared to their beater corollas :bang: , and thought it was annoyingly loud with just a MAC cat-back, now w/ the o/r H pipe, they hate it even more, plus i guess there's nothing that can off-set my a$$-ugly looks lol oh well, i spend so much time working on it that i guess i have no time for the nagging of a g/f anyways :stupid:
  12. luckily for me she doesn't nag and accepts me for who i am :D
  13. haha nice man congrats.

    i cant lie im sure my stang had something to do with me getting my girl... or at least getting her interested. when i first met her and her friends they got all like googly eyed that i had a fairly new mustang :rolleyes: most of the kids at my school drive around pretty basic first cars that they bought or inherited when they were 16. i guess i made a good choice saving my money til senior year and buying my stang then. haha one thing you gotta hand to most girls is that they could care less what kinda engine is under there as long as the car looks good :nice: haha o well ive been with my girl for just over a year now so i hope shes not in it still just for the car! :cheers:
  14. Give it time. :(
  15. Girls are costly. Well they can be if you let them ;) I am such a bad bf
  16. My boy and I both own stangs and I wouldnt have it any other way!!

    I was a stang lover even before we met in high school. But I got my stang about 3 years after he got his. We both tinker around with them when we have free time and I love it!

    So I guess what I am saying is:
    Love for the boy + mutual love for the stang = 2 year and 10 month relationship and still goin strong. :nice:
  17. wtf jamie's everywhere
  18. I don't think it would really matter what kind of car my bf had. I mean, hes had more cars then anyone else I know... He went from driving his mom's Mustang around, to getting a Bronco, then a CRX or something like that, to a Jetta (when I met him). Then he got a GSXR 600, gotta love the street bikes :) Now he drives a VW GTI, whatever anniversary is out, the 20th I guess. Me, I started out with a 98 Saturn people...and had to work full time for a little under a year to get my Stang. I didn't have the money to get a GT, so I settled for a 2000 v6 red convert. Did some mods and I loved her. But now that I've been working full time for almost 3 years now, I went and bought myself the 05 :) Planned on getting the GT because sticker price was $31k..but they wanted $41k for it, no thanks! So I stuck with the V6 yet again. Black on black vert with white sport stripe on bottom, interior upgrade package with grey leather, and dual exhaust. Looking to do other mods, just don't have the money yet :)
  19. At least you can now give your wrist a rest. :rlaugh: