w00t I got a girl

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  1. this is off topic i know but wow i live in MD too and i thought the sales guy was full of :bs: when he told me that gt's were selling for $40k cause they were in such high demand. he said people r selling their used 05 gts for more than they bought them for
  2. Nope, they really are selling for around or over 40k. I about pissed myself when he showed me what my payments would be. So I settled for a V6, not that they are bad or anything, I love it. But theres no way I'm paying 41k for that car. Hell, my brothers BMW 325CI wasn't even that much! Plus, I'd take a v6 Stang over any BMW anyday :nice:

  3. :cheers: you get an "atta girl" :cheers:
  4. AND, congrats on the girlfriend, despite they negativity expressed in the thread, they really are worth it! :nice:

    you can have an "atta boy" as well :D
  5. Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but you're an idiot for saying that.




    Another M3

    Yet another M3


    Or, what you would take over all those, a Mustang V6.


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  6. pics dang it, pics!!!!!!
  7. yaha

    No the question is, whats that say about a 16 year old kid that drives a Cadi?

    p.s. when i said new girl, that meant an upgrade from the old cadillac girls.

    Not to stereotype but cadillac girls talk less than mustang girls.
  8. Suuuuuuuuure you did. :nice:
  9. Good for you man...
  10. You really aren't being very fair...you took pics of BRAND NEW bimmers and are compairing them to the mid 90s and earlier v6 stangs...at least put it up against a NEW v6 stang...and besides the mustang isn't only about looks and power but also about AMERICAN heritage and styling...some people are a little more patriotic and traditional and if you don't like it get the H*LL outta this forum..I personally agree with the statement...I would take any NEW stang over any NEW bimmer any day...But I prefer the v8 :rolleyes: sorry v6 guys...but I feel the need

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  11. Her stipulations were a V6 mustang over any BMW. She didn't say only new ones. I was staying well within the guidelines she set forth. Now if American car companies started building cars the way they do in other countries, I would probably start buying them. It seems that americans dont take pride in building cars and dont care if they're crap. However, I'm strongly looking into the 07 GT 500. That car is bonerific.

    edit: And besides, the M1 isn't very new. I'd take older BMW's also.
  12. I got a mustang for my girlfriend......it was a good trade!!! lol
  13. women...

    my fiance HATES my mustang so much. she told me it is the only unattractive thing about me. she doesn't like flashy cars, fast cars, or convertibles so that pretty much sums up mine (minus the fast part...6rs aren't real quick). she drove a 91 isuzu stylus with a terrible paint job on it when i met her, and GOD that car was slow. that thing had to go 0-60 in about 12 seconds.

    congrats on the woman thing and whoever did the pictures, that crap was funny. u stayed in the guidelines but blew it out of proportion, which made it funny. the problem with BMWs is u can't get parts very cheap. i know a kid who's alternator went out on his 315 (?? i think thats what it is) and he had to spend almost $400. for my car, i coulda went to the junkyard, bought one for $50 and put it in myself.
  14. couldnt have said it better myself...besides, i actually hate bmw's.. the only one i like a little is the brand new M3.. but i still wouldn't pay more than a stang for it....and for the same money would def take a new stang over the bmw...
  15. just for a dumb statement like that... dont even bother with getting an 07 shelby... they are so limited in production and they're gonna have inflated prices so why bother paying that extra cash for a car that is (in you words since its american) "crap" and let someone who appreciates a real car buy the shelby
  16. Real cars huh? I do appreciate "real" cars. Old American cars are "real" cars. I love the classics, including mustangs. I was hoping that the fact that the GT500 is going to be in limited production would mean they'd take a little bit more care in assembly and quality. I'd laugh when my neon loving friends would talk about "monday cars" or "wednesday cars." I was like "wtf is a monday or wednesday car?" They proceeded to tell me that wednesday cars are the best because the car was built in the middle of the week when the workers are at their peak. Instead of on monday when they're just coming back to work from the weekend or on friday when they're in a hurry to leave. Face it man, american cars are on the bottom of the pile when it comes to quality and reliability. Hell, they dont even make the SVT focus anymore. I find it funny that you consider only american muscle cars to be "real" cars. If so, there's a ton of "fake" cars that will surprise you. BTW, here's a "real" car of mine. I hope it's good enough.

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  17. I would take this one over the rest (it is a rare 82 T-Top notch)
  18. ever hear of "to each their own"? i personally would take a V6 stang over most BMW's as well, save for a few M cars, and then there are only specific year ranges of M cars that i have interest in. i personally think that owning a high end car such as that is more a way to show off the $ you have than it is about love for the car. in some instances i know thats wrong, but overall BMW and the like are just not my style, and apparently they arent hers either. does that make me an idiot too?

    and as a side note, id take a V6 mustang over a GS-R or even a type-r too :nice:
  19. To each their own. :banana: Oh hey cool, we have matching 1/4 mile times! :nice:
  20. All in all guys and gals, you're all great. You put up with my crap and give it back. I dont rag on you guys cause I think you're idiots. Cause theres only a couple guys I think are idiots and they dont post much. I just have to razz you all cause I'm the local import guy. Don't take it personally. :spot: