w00t I got a girl

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  1. Man I forgot how long my stock antenna was on my stang...wow those things are HUGE..thank god for cheap billet shorties

  2. hey, its my first 4.6 GT, first time racing it and the car is not at all set up for drag racing. oh yeah, my car also weighs almost 500lbs more than yours. all i gotta do is get a little more used to my car and it will go 13's, how much more you $ gotta spend to get there? mmhmm thought so
  3. It would be even cooler with the 2.3 carbed turbo. Now that would be RARE! ... I think they were only available in Canada though at the time.
  4. Probably a few hundred bucks for a nitrous kit would get me into the 13's. Also slick, I was just razzing you, if you want to get technical, look at all that crap you have on your car. All I had was a CAI and the muffler removed. And not set up for drag racing? What is "set up" for drag racing? All you need is sticky tires and to know how to drive your car. I bet you're one of those guys who, when he loses a race, says, "Man, my car is set up for auto X."
  5. i know u were razzing me, i shoulda put up one of the funky smilies to let u know i was just giving it back to u...

    im not one to make excuses but there are three distinct reasons why i ran like crap...with the coilovers dropping the car down the way they do, weight transfer and launch SUCK. i went 13.5 in my old 97 cobra with just a cat back, and after i lowered it i couldnt break a 14.0. the other two go hand in hand. 4.6's are weak as hell below 3000, and being that i wasnt on sticky tires i wasnt able to launch hard, meaning that i had to bring the engine thru that 1000-3000 turd zone before i really made any decent power...hopefully i can find a way to get this thing out of the hole decently well after some practice...ive got some nittos in the garage so next time out im gonna give her hell!
  6. Ah, ok. Yeah, coilovers suck. I've never liked them. I'd sacrifice the look to have a nice sturdy suspension. Way to be a good sport. You pass the test. =P
  7. If you look long and hard, and go past the usual sites that sell Mustang upgrades, you will find that Mustang's were never meant to have coilover suspensions.

    Also, to get out of that hole quicker and past the turd RPM's, try some steeper gears.
  8. yeah i didnt do the mods that the car currently has, i came across this thing and it was way too good to pass up...if i had my way i would go back to coil springs and struts/shocks but that just takes some spare cash on the side...the car rides awful too
  9. um......maybe this will turn things back around, Congrats on the girl....hope she is good to you.

    We went from having a girlfriend to let's explain why i can't drag my car...but to add something....Coil overs are great on mustangs..but they serve a purpose and that's road course racing.
  10. :nonono: I'm two months from turning 19 and still single. :nonono:
  11. First car 1954 Ford CustomLine V8 with stick & overdrive. Still in high school, worked summer packing tomatoes and made enough to buy it for $700. Chuck Berry was the main rock n' roll man and had me a hot red headed cheer leader for a gf and those days we didn't have AC either . . . . WHEW! Got mighty hot in that back seat . . . :p
  12. Shoot, I have had my 04 GT for over a year and it hasnt got me a G/F LOL. I guess I am not a very talkitive person though LOL, and dont really use it to attract attention or showoff. maybe I should though..hmmm. Oh and i am not ugly hahaha, but I guess you can say not very "outgoing" or obnoxious (sp) like alot of guys are....and its funny, those are the guys with all the girls.....LOUD 4X4 1980 ford truck with rust and the exhaust coming up behind the cab, and flooring it at every stop sign...and the girls are all over them. never have understood it. :shrug: I am a pretty serious gear head and have had more than one person call me that. Thats about all I talk about...with girls I try and keep that stuf to a minimum...but then I have nothing to talk about. :lol: I NEED a gear head girl, thats the bottom line. And i really wont be happy with a girl that doesnt like to atleast mod her car in atleast some way or doesnt like the race track...kind of a turn off for me... Just that a cant find a girl thats into the performance world. :nonono: