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Jul 6, 2020
The Story
I fell in love with mustangs as a young boy at 10 years old. I helped a friend with paper route just so I could deliver to one house, the one with a 1967 Shelby fastback in the garage. Wonder if the owner ever figured out why there were nose smudges on the driver’s side window.

Fast forward to age 13. My uncle was a car guy and gave me and my Dad a non-running car to fix up. The dream of working with my Dad to restore it ended when he passed from cancer. That project was more than I could handle by myself at age 15 and my uncle (a MOPAR guy) stepped in and sold me a nice 1972 Dodge Dart driver. Drove it though high school with my future wife by my side. Lost it in an accident at 18 and been longing for a car ever since.

College, then family obligations, then financial responsibilities kept me from the dream. Now I am 51 years old I have two sons 22 and 21 years old and I am still married to my high school sweetheart. I saved my pennies and finally bought a dandy 1965 mustang coupe after a very long search. 289 ci 30 over four speed with 3:55 gears, what a blast to drive.

I have been spending the last several Saturday nights cruising Woodward Avenue with my sons and their Subaru WRX's. This Saturday I began installing a new rear leaf springs and pan hard bar and enjoyed every minute even in the 90 degree heat. Front suspension is next, roller spring perches new sway bar, new coil springs, UCA and LCA's etc.. I could not be happier and cannot wait to see how she handles

I am not a wealthy man but found a way to make it happen. I witnessed several of my older friends loose their drive and forget their dreams. I am happy to see this forum and look forward to learning from, commiserating with and laughing with you guys.

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