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  1. Hi all! I'm a newbie to this board. Long time Corvette owner and enthusiast, but not here to start trouble because I like the Mustangs too :nice:

    Anyhow, I'm considering the purchase of a new '05 GT when they arrive this fall. Through talking amongst some of my 'car buddies', rumor has it that the new GT's will be on a waiting list with the Ford dealerships.

    Is there any truth to this? Hasn't Ford Mustangs always been available as a mass produced vehicle? All I know is if I decide to go through with this, there needs to be a Sonic Blue GT somewhere close with my name on it :D
  2. The 05 Mustang will not start being manufactured until early Sept. I believe that is the waiting list they are refering to. It will take a while for the cars to be dispersed.
  3. It is produced on a first come first serve basis based on dealer preorders and market estimates as to what configurations will be in highest demand. If you order one with a dealer now, you will get your car sooner. Not sooner than the September production start-up date, I mean sooner as in October or so. That is, of course, that your dealer actually placed your order with Ford and that some Joe doesn't walkin off the street and offer more moeny for your car that's just arrived. That is when the dealer will call you and say they are still waiting for your car. Get a VIN Number assigned to your order so they can't do that. I did that with my 1999 preorder. I beleive you can start ordering, with a final options list and pricing on May 14th. Or, that may be the day the dealers are getting all the info. I don't remember. I'm going to order on May 14th. I did that when the dealers first got their info for the 1999 change over. I had my stang when people were like, "woah! look at that!" They never saw one before. That was a great feeling. Now they are a dime a dozen and I want people to go, "Woah! What is that?" again.

    Sorry, the preorder date is May 24th, not May 14th.
  4. Well, I'm not going to preoder anything. I can wait until the dealer has one sitting there that suits my needs and desires. I'm also a little leary of being a guinea pig for the first year of the new body style and engine. This vehicle will serve as my daily driver and one thing I need to count on is reliability.
  5. Just because you preorder doesn't mean you are stuck with it. You can change your mind, change options and reorder or take a diffferent one off the lot. It's not like they won't sell it. If you love it, then you got it. If you hate it, leave it on the lot.