Waiting On Your 2006 Order?

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  1. Is anyone waiting on a retail order of a 2006 Ford Mustang? If so, please list location and time you ordered. I'm doing a small, err rather large research project. Also list what type of 'Stang and your options. Thanks in advance! :nice:
  2. Placed my order on 6/8, with Blackwell Ford in Plymouth Mi. Order #2002 priority number is 17. MSRP $27717 / A-Plan $26609.
  3. Placed mine on 7/16. 06 GT Premium Coupe Satin Silver, IUP, 18" fan blades, wheel locks, 5 speed manual.
  4. Placed mine on 7/1
    06 GT Coupe Deluxe 5sp
    Vista blue Anti-Theft
    Side Air Bags
    Upgraded 18inch wheels (64E)

    X Plan for $25,574

    No DORA, No VIN, No nothing. Just this little yellow peice of paper with all the options, my name, address and my signature.

    Ordered from Bailey Flood Ford in East Greenwich, Rhode Island :notnice:
  5. My salesman emailed me today and he said my stang has a build date of Aug. 17th and it should be about 3 weeks after that. The dealership is in Bardstown KY.
  6. 06' Stang, nice choice :) Torch Red all the way :nice:
  7. Ordered 7/27 from Tranum Country Ford in Rockdale, TX

    Premium GT 'vert

    Tungsten Grey Metallic exterior
    Light Graphite interior
    Black top
    Shaker 1000
    Side airbags
    Spoiler delete
  8. Placed my 06 order on 6/08/05. Deluxe GT,Vista Blue, only option was bright machined aluminum wheels. MSRP was $26,010. No word yet on delivery.
  9. Im from Canada but it might give you an idea.order june 30th on x-plan.
    2006 vista blue gt coupe
    shaker 1000
    dark charcoal interior
    side air bags
    anti theft
    17 inch bullits
    all i received was the order #. when i asked about the invoice he told me it will be available later. I gave my down and he gave me a receipt.
  10. :D You had to give em a down payment? :D
  11. yes according to him its the way it works.
    I didnt give him much, I will give more when the car comes in and i sign on the dotted line.
  12. I ordered mine on 6/4 Vista Blue GT deluxe with IUP, bright machined wheels and spoiler delete. 5 speed 25228 on x plan. Ordered at North County Ford in Vista CA.
  13. ordred 2006 gt

    placed an order for a 2006 gt premium on 7-16-05 at sunset ford in st. louis.
    car was ordered with all the "bells and whistles" except the bigger radio option. also ordered with the new 18" premium wheels new for 06. sales guy said to expect 8-12 week wait for delivery. startin to get real excited especially when i see a new one on the road. hope all goes well.

    rolly boy
  14. The dealer here didn't even ask for a down payment, deposit or anything else. :D The way these cars are selling, they're not in the least worred whether or not you take delivery. They don't stay on the lots for more than a couple days. You shouldn't have had to put anything down. One of the last one's they got in here was ordered back in February and the guy who ordered it changed his mind the week before it was built in May. The dealer had his choice of the manual 5 speed changed to an auto. When the car arrived, the guy who ordered it showed up the next day to take delivery of "his" car ( his wife worked for the dealer and tipped him off) While he was questioning why the car had an auto 5 speed, another salesman was writing up a contract on it for a woman who just walked in off the street and said "There's my car, I'll take it!" :rlaugh: The guy shoulda had a little more patience. :bang:
  15. ordered 7/21 i beleive vista blue premium shaker 500 5 speed active anti theft bright machined wheels iup...no dora, no vin, no build date, xplan... promised priority 10 by the dealership owner...said i should receive more information as it comes available
  16. Ordered mine from Senator Ford in Sacramento. I called on 8/4 and spoke to a "live" person at Ford's 800# and she said ". . . just waiting for the computer to pick up your order". Still clean/Unsch. Put $500.00 down to get in line -MSRP @ $29,825
  17. I ordered mine on 7/14 from North Central Ford in Richardson, Tx. It's a Torch Red GT Coupe Deluxe, Dark Charcoal Leather, IUP, Wheel Locks, and Rear Spoiler Delete. I went with the standard equipment tranny of course, which is the 5-spd. manual. Can't wait to get it - replacing my '98 Cobra coupe.

    I originally ordered with the 18" Bullitts but cancelled them when I found out they would be polished. It will have the standard 17" Bullitts now.
  18. Ordered in Calgary.
    Got 500 off MSRP and they are moving the seat back 2 inches in an attempt to fit all 6'7" of me.
    Ordered April... no 05 rolled to 06 when orders were accepted.
    Priority code 10 and was informed that I was first 06 for dealership. Confirmed that he had 2 allocations in Aug.
    I now have a vin and a build week of Aug 8th or there abouts.
    Expected delivery in Sept 1st

  19. Originally ordered at Van Bortel Ford in Victor, NY for dealer invoice...I had about 20 orders ahead of me and my car's ETA was spring '06. I couldn't wait that long so I canceled and reordered at Gary Yeomans Ford in Daytona Beach, FL for MSRP. Details are in my sig below.
  20. Ordered 6/18. Able Ford, Long Island. Paid 500 down.

    Xplan price 21900.

    Build date week of 8/8 (3 MORE DAYS!)