Waiting On Your 2006 Order?

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  1. Any luck yet? and here is a link to some pictures. :cheers: http://forums.bradbarnett.net/index...ry&cmd=user&user=7730&op=view_album&album=543
  3. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

    I received my car at 1630 Monday afternoon and I haven't been able to get the smile off my face since! I got the windows tinted yesterday at Alta Mere. She's resting in the garage right now. I have never been happier with a car purchase. It is everything you all said it would be and more. The ride is very smooth and I love the clutch/transmission feel. She is a little dirty right now (Oklahoma red dirt sucks!) so I'll be taking her to get detailed this afternoon. I have pics but I don't yet have the cable thingy that plugs from the camera to the computer. I'll pick one up later today and post the first pics from the dealership. This car is so awesome! Time to make the final change to the signature block! On a different note, how did you fair through the latest storm? I hope you all made it okay.

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  4. congrats.. that smile never goes away.. :banana: :banana: Yea it blew past us and Rita went through the Keys eyeing Texas (hope and pray for you Texas).. :flag:
  5. rick im losin patience lol how bout this when u get yours pick me up lol should b soon ordered only a week after you been like 2 weeks since u been serialized tho man i feel bad for sanctus lol hes still cu too one day sanctus one day
  6. yeah im kinda losing hope.. especially because i could go pick up a v6 on the lot thats a manual convert.. just like my dad has.. and that car is tons of fun.. and its really tempting me.. i dunno guys cheer me up.. haha explain to me again why im getting the gt??? i mean i want the car more than anything, but its just a car afterall.. im considering just getting a v6 so i could have a car before the freaking end of the year even tho i ordered originally in april.. yeah im sick of this ****. i dunno if you guys have waited this long. and its no longer testing my patience as much as my desire for the car.

  7. 3.8 stangson...who is your dealer? Do you have an order number? I can make a call to my family in the biz, see if anyone can help you out.
  8. Cancel you order unless you are getting the X-Plan......
    You can find Gts at Sticker and maybe a little under if you want to look a bit.....And yes the Gt is pretty fast,Going 80 does not seem 80 lol..johnnyT
  9. seems to be just me and sanctus left here lol itts comin dude, hopefully
  10. Sanctus Go to the ford web site and use the locate a dealer search and then search the inventories of all the car dealers. I see a lot of V6 on the lots and 05 and 06's.
    I drove to the other side of the state. :D
  11. O ya baby orded mine around the end of august (i dont exactly remember the date) and the dealership just called today with my build date 10/10 pretty dang fast!! I should have it about a week afterwards hopefully!
  12. This is my build week, but delivery got pushed back to Oct. 13th.
  13. First of all, it better be comming.. ahha and we will wait it out till the end my friend! our gt's will be in the driveway someday...

    and secondly i hate you.. i truely have a passionate hate for you.. but thats ok.. you wont appreciate the mustang like 3.8stang and i will :p
  14. You forgot to mention how much you hate me Sanctus. How could you forget? :(
  15. Well, FINALLY got the phone call today from the dealer. After a MONTH in transit, :rolleyes: the Stang arrived at the lot in the middle of Hurricane Rita :bang: last friday. Going to pick it up tomorrow. :D Should I name her Rita, or Katrina? :shrug: She's been tossed around by both now. Been on a train from Michigan to Mississippi, back to Atlanta, then on a truck for a week back down here to Louisiana. :cheers:
  16. Good advice here. I've done numerous searches of dealers in a 200 mile radius of here and came up with lots of new and slightly used 05 GT's ( Louisiana, east Texas, and Mississippi)
  17. Sounds like a plan, where are you in Jersey? I called a couple of days after I got serialized and they gave me a build of 03OCT. Now they've pushed it back to the 10th, so I might not have it much earlier than you anyway.

  18. im still c/u so you rpobably will , this is so annoyin bro starting to not really care that much , i mean i still want it but its just annoyin me so i try to to let it bother me lol i just wanna hear ive been serialized i live in east rutherford but i used to live in highland park , thats right by u i think i got a 99 3.8 thats pretty hot just want my 06 lol
  19. haha yeah.. well as of now i have a 1995 gmc suburban... we take care of our cars, but with 180k miles on it, i think its seen better days.. so i really would like the 06 to arrive haha. as of the 26th im not even serialized. im becoming hysterical everytime i hear that damn womans voice. haha o well i can still have my dads stang on the weekends, so life isnt tha badd
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