Waiting On Your 2006 Order?

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  1. My mustang is on the rail car 6 hours away. :) It's so close I can almost taste it.
  2. Yep, mine is on the "convoy", due Wednesday.... :cheers:
  3. Nice. Post some pics when it comes in. I will for sure. :cheers:
  4. Dora: 8/22/05
    build week: 0ct 17th

    and my priority is 99 so I dont think priority matters to much. I can't wait till it arrives. Silver mustang GT :banana: :banana: They had told me 4 months and seems its going to be less. When do you guys think is the ETA possibly 11/1/05?
  5. build day was oct 3rd, :nice: well the dealer said week of october 3rd, and the robot lady said estimated delivery to your dealership is week of oct 18th. I hope its a little sooner than that, but what can you do.
  6. DUDE! YES IT DOES! 99 means DO NOT BUILD! In fact anything 99 doesn't make it on an order report. While I was interning at Ford, one job I did was schedule units to be built for small dealers. Basically I'd pull a report, the order bank, and it would list every order and their priority codes. The computer would automatically leave off code 99 which mean DO NOT BUILD.

    Find out if your dealership is "Out Of Trust" if they are, then you will need to find a new dealer. That order will never get scheduled at the plant if they don't change that code and/or pay up to Ford.
  7. Just for the record I dont know if this helps but the dealer is Serramote Ford and I talked to the sales person on Saturday and he was trying to get another one for me I saw online from San Leandro Ford which I saw they had in inventory. He said he will try to do a trade with them so I can get my stang sooner an possibly this weekend. Do you think my priority was changed fromm 99 to a better one possibly? 99 is what it says on my Dora. If he can do the trade with the other dealer I might as well get that one. Thanks for your help
  8. A dealer trade will get you your car ASAP if they can pull it off. Where's this dealer out of by the way?
  9. Gonzales?
  10. Serramonte Ford is right out side of San Francisco California in a place called colma. I ordered there because I think its a big dealership and one would think there allocation is really good.They have allot of V6's and a few Gt's but not the one one I want. I have to talk to him later this week. Wish me luck. Thanks Dyoct for all of your help.
  11. No problem, but if you're Gonzalez, your Mustang gets built next week FYI.
  12. Are you asking if my Last name is Gonzales? My last name is Guillen but I'm pretty sure my dealer can do the trade and if so it will be here saturday. Thanks!
  13. Cancelled my order from John Kennedy Ford in Phoenixville PA becuase I ordered on June 27th and they called to tell my that my expected delivery got pushed back and would not be until mid Jan to mid Feb. Went to Brian Hoskins Ford three weeks ago and my car has already been built. Expected delivery is between the 17th of October and the 22nd of October. Not complaining but what a waste of time at the other dealership. And I feel sorry for all of you that are going through the long wait. :shrug:
  14. Oh ok, 65147243 are the last eight of your VIN, it's going to be built on the 17th.
  15. Got my car today!!!! Four weeks ahead of schedule!!!! :nice:
  16. Sweet! My car is being built the 17th of October!

    Vista Blue GT
    Int Upgrade
    17" Painted Wheels
    Shaker 500
    5- Spd Automatic

    So happy!
  17. hey rick and sanctus , waited as long as i could lol, went and got a cts pick it up tuesday , hope u dudes have fun with the mustang hollllaaa at me
  18. Ordered 11/152005

    Vista Blu
    Shaker 1000
    No Spoiler
    Polished 18" Alum. Wheels.......

    I am so ready.....................
  19. I ordered mine from Bob Baker Ford on 11/07.

    Black on black (leather) GT
    5 spd manual
    IUP, Side airbags
    Shaker 500
    18" polished (late availability ones)

    Priority code of 10 :banana:

    no DORA or VIN yet
  20. Ordered mine 11/2/06.
    Clean/unscheduled as of 11/15.
    Prior 10
    Dealer said 6 to 8 weeks,

    Tungsten coupe prem.
    spoiler delete
    polished 18" bullits 64W
    5 speed manual
    Active anti theft
    Side air bags