Waiting On Your 2006 Order?

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  1. I don't know about elsewhere, but GT's are starting to stack up on dealer's lots down here. Two months ago you were lucky to find one or two, now at the one large dealer in Lafayette, they've got at least a dozen GT's and a similar number of V6 cars, plus at least a half dozen verts
  2. Wow, that's where I bought mine! 'Cept mines not a vert.

    And this is exactly why I took what was on the lot: cause I didn't want to wait anymore for this car. I'd already waited a year and a half. That was quite long enough, thank you.

    I do hope you get your baby soon though. :nice:
  3. Was trying to wait on the GT500 since i heard about it, but just the other day i realized that some rich guy will come in and put down 10k over msrp just to have one of the first ones. So tuesday i went on forddirect and seen a GT that i want. Called the dealer and they said they dont have it but it is being shipped. Arrival date is 1/6/06. Didnt think id be so antious for it to come in but man i cant wait.:nice:

    06 gt coupe prem
    dk char leath
    side air bags
    18 polished alum wheel
    shaker 1000
  4. Sweet! Congrats. Let us know when you get it.

    And yeah, the dealer I bought mine from said a guy had recently come in and put down a similar pre-payment. I don't remember the amount, but it was significant.

    There's always someone who's better-looking, smarter or (most importantly) has a bigger wallet. But the GT is a pretty sweet consolation prize.
  5. Yea in the South you will see more GTs on dealer lots.......
    Most are still MSRP or higher,but some will take a few hundred off.I would ratter order a 2007 in march instead of now for a 2006 GT,unless you can get one off of a lots for under sticker...JT
  6. JT, I can lookup an order without a VIN. However I'm on vacation until next year. If you don't hear anything by the third, let me know your dealer and I can do a run for you.
  7. I guess I got real lucky fellas. I contacted many different dealerships, in person and over the internet and over the phone. I told them what color I wanted, what specs, interior color and that I wanted a vert. They had automatics all over the place that were similar in specs but not exact and they tried to get me into those. (nothing against anyone with a "faster" automatic I just simply prefer a manual")After about 3 or 4 weeks they found me the car exactly the way I wanted it. Guess word got around to each other and they knew it was a sale, so the different dealerships got competitive. And to my surprise it was an 06, not a 05!
    Didn't have to order my ride, and when delivered it had a whopping 25 miles on the odometer.
    I was expecting to have to order the one I wanted. Maybe it is more difficult with getting coupes? Guess I got blessed otherwise.
    I suggest trying different dealerships, and I let em know I was looking all over the place. Maybe that helped, maybe it didn't.
    Black with Black interior...MT
    Front/side air bags
    Interior upgrade package
  8. Uh- can you tell me why I shouldn't expect the dealer to be able to order a car for delivery in two-three months? It is afterall, a car. Is Ford not building cars to dealer spec?

    Was your dealer experience ok? Anything to look out for? I'm real patient. Had been looking for months. I really don't want the car until spring, when my son gets his license.

    GTs are going for plenty under sticker, at least here in the Northwest. Supply has overtaken demand. Price falls back to reality, which for an American car, means close to invoice. Happens all the time with production vehicles, even cool cars.

    I would also like your help in tracking my order, after the New Year.

    Speaking of which, Happy New Year to everyone.

  9. well if you live in california... then dont expect it for about 9+ months if you order now. because i ordered a month or two before aprill of 05. and now what is it? decemeber, and still c/u. but thats if you want 18's.... is what they told me. soo i baught an order that fell through
  10. That's just not right. Was the dealer tracking your order? Was it the 18s that they couldn't deliver on? That's understandable, as those were indicated as being available on late delivery. BTW, what does c/u mean (I got the gist).
  11. I got my GT coupe for $250 above invoice....I thought that was a pretty good deal??? I don't know if I could get a 2007 for the same deal??
  12. Mooresville Ford in Mooresville NC has a bunch of GTs, I was driving past and saw them but did not count. Dale Jarrett Ford in Charlotte probably has a bunch to choose from too!
  13. Well I didn't get mine on the 26th. They said Jan 10th, and just today they said that there is a rail car shortage and they don't have an ETA. What can I do?
  14. Well i Placed a Order on a 06 Stang GT in June of 05 and I would still be C/U as of now with a priority #10 and order #C000 from a medium size dealer........
    Up in the Northeast there are not many Stang Gts around on dealer lots and if you order on now,good luck because you might have to change it to a 2007 GT in June.Dealers want MSRP up here just like in Calif and other states.....I know in the South you can get a GT on a dealers lot at Invoice at some of the dealers,And many places in Florida you still have dealers that want over MSRP on GTs...
    Glad I got my GT on a dealers lot on laborday at INVOICE
    MSRP was $30,125
    Invoice $27,785....................
    I would never order a GT again but i would shop around because there are GTs that yea can get at Invoice or just a tad over in the south..........JT
  15. 06 GT Deluxe, MT,dark charcoal cloth int,IUP charcoal,side air bags. Ordered 12/29 Priorty 15, Mt. Orab Ford. A plan $23,877. Will start checking DORA etc after the holidays. Happy New Year!
  16. Hope yea get your GT,,,,,,,If you don't have the car or its still C/U early March......Then I would just order a 2007 Stang Gt from another dealerrrrrr...JT
  17. Thanks for looking up details on my car. The dealership is Russ Darrow Ford and the VIN is 1ZVFT82H165178690

    Let me know what you find out.


  18. Just order my new GT the 3rd of Jan.Ordered it from lubbers Ford in Cheney KS

    Screamin Yellow Premium GT/Dark Charcoal interior
    18'' Premium wheels(bullits)

    invoice of $28,325
    Z plan price $25,277

  19. retiree pricing.. only way to go. hahah
    represent fellow Z plan-er
  20. Yep where you are the GTs you can get close to invoice,,,,but when you get to Florida or texas you are going to pay sticker,Let me know if I amn wrong?JT