Waiting On Your 2006 Order?

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  1. I have this vehicle sitting on the lot I work at. Tungsten GT w/18'' polished bullitts.
  2. bet your dealership doesnt offer z plan on it tho... and if it does i guess i was just a month late...
  3. Hey folks how long does it take to get serialized after ordering? Thanks
  4. Ha! At the dealer I'm referring to, you ain't gonna get invoice on a GT. :rlaugh: This same dealer has TWO GT40's in the showroom that you'd think were made of gold. One's been there almost a year, the other about 6 months. They're asking $250,000 for each, last I heard. The GT Stangs can be had for sticker, no less though. I tried dealing with them while waiting for my Stang, the salesman wanted to gouge me right off the bat on a transfer.:rolleyes:
  5. Dycot, I ordered a T82 on 12/29. Dealer F47451, order# 3207, priority 15. The 1800# states it is c/u. any idea before mine will go into production? Thanks
  6. Its the only way to go. Bought my Lightning and Marauder the same way HAHA:D
  7. If you are still C/U by March I would find another dealer and order a 2007 GT........JT
  8. Yes Gangwar I am pretty sure I know what your stance is. I think I'm quite OK where I stand now. Thanks for the advice I will keep it under advisement.
  9. Hope you get the car,,,,,,,I am just saying many of us got screwed and many have not.
    But I am glad you know whats going on....Good luck...JT
  10. I think I've got the record for the longest wait....order placed June 9 2005....still C/U as of 1/4. Dealer keeps telling me soon! I work for Ford and can't get it any sooner.
  11. tell me that you are not getting screwed lol?
    Since you waited this long why not change your order to a 2007 Gt in 2 months from now?
    And try a different dealer.....JT

  12. Delivered 1/6/05
  13. 06 GT coupe - deluxe
    Vista Blue
    dark charcoal
    shaker 500

    Pretty standard stuff. Order placed on 30 Dec. Priority 10 and a 6-8 week delivery according to the salesman.
  14. Pretty Standard stuff huh lol ???
    I hope you will get the GT in 8 weeks.........
    By that time it will be near March and if you call fords 800# you will see what stage your Stang Gts at...
    If you are still C/U by that time you will maybe nott see the car........
    And if you are at C/U by march I would order a 2007 Gt at a different dealer,maybe bigger dealer.
    And maybe you will have a 2007 Stang Gt in July....
    Don't beleave most salesmen because they don't know whats going on...JT
  15. Well,
    Mine arived Tuesday. Well worth the wait. I can't drive it enough. I feel like a 16 year old that just got his license. Any suggestions on break in?
  16. Yep Texas have better Allocations then the rest of the country......Florida,Texas,Calif among a few other southern states have good allocations,but everyone else its not as good...JT
  17. Ever heard the phrase "you sound like a broken record"?
  18. +1 on the broken record! I think he has said it like 10 times in the past 3 pages. I still don't know anything about 07' models showing up in july and I work for a dealership!

    To answer sanctus question, yes we will a,z,x,d plan any mustang. Those of you that are waiting, you can order your mustangs from other dealerships that may have a larger allocation and have them drop ship it to your hometown dealer. Or simply, find your car online at another dealership and fly there to buy it and drive home. It is simply rediculous for you guys to be waiting this long for these cars still.

    Do any of you have the new dark version of the IUP ordered? That was on a quality hold last time I checked.
  19. Hate to sound like a broken record but hate see people getting screwed with ordering a GT.
    Yep its best that yea get one off of a ford lot in the south and have it shipped to yeaaa or drive it back home.....
    Seems that you don't know whats going on with the 07 Stangs when you can order one for the 07 year?
    In 2005 you could have order a 2006 last June but since the Shelbys coming out early you will be able to order them in early March....
    Very surpised that you don't know that since you work at a dealership????
    See most salespeople don't know whats going on,they take your order and thats it.......JT
  20. Settle down there Captain Keyboard! Just because you can place an order for a Shelby in March (which it not set in stone yet, if I am correct) does not mean the orderbank is open for all mustang orders! I really don't appreciate the jabs either about not knowing anything, and I actually thought I was helping by letting people know that they do not have to wait this long.

    Most likely the orderbank will be opened for 07 mustangs in mid to late July, with a Job 1 build date somewhere in the August timeframe, which means a late August early September delivery.