Waiting On Your 2006 Order?

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  1. The orders for a 2006 stang GT was being taken in june of 2005.....
    This year I have heard from a very reliable person with ford and not a salesperson.Telling me that the orders will be taken on the first week of March of 2006 for 2007 Stang Gts....
    Its going to be a short year for the 2006s and the 2007s will be out by Late June or 1st week of July of 2006.....
    Now when March rolls around we will see if yea knew what yeaaaa were taking about.Its only about 2 months away.......
    I am not saying you don't know whats up,I am saying most dealers and salespeople don't know whats up with the new Stangs for the year of 2007.......Lets see if I am wrong,I don't think so and I am not including the Shelbys...JT
  2. Finally Got Her!

    Well Ladies and Gentlemen I finally picked up my 2006 Mustang Premium GT coupe (Black, Dark Charcoal, 5 speed)! I went in Saturday morning to pick it up, the car actually arrived Friday. I was ready to do battle considering serveral factors:
    1. Ordered October 13, 2005
    2. Agreed upon $250 over invoice on a GT premium coupe with active alarm and interior upgrade package.
    3. Locked in "over allowed" value for my trade in until I took physical delivery of the 'Stang.
    4. Sales manager that agreed to above terms was no surprise fired 3 weeks ago.

    I arrived a little after 9am on Saturday to pick up my new car and drop off my trade in. Was shown the car right away for inspection. Drove the car. "Perma" grin on face started that lasted all weekend. Came back and met with the F&I manager, pricing was not only honored, but was actually sold the GT for $150 over invoice, trade value for my car was honored, and I even talked them in to throwing in six oil changes!!!!! My wife who is used to this negotiating was impressed.

    All I can say is I love my car, I look forward to driving it at every opportunity. One of my favorite things is simply listening to the sound as I start her.

    Thanks to all the kind folks here that helped me through this long waiting process with support, info, etc.!!!!

    This is my first 'Stang and will probably not be my last.


    :flag: :D :hail2: :nice:
  3. Good luck with the Gt.........JT
  4. Glad to hear you got your gt man. Enjoy it all you can.


  5. I think that I can speak for several here who are not only happy for you but maybe just a little bit envious as well.

    that's a great deal on a great car ... and congratulations!
  6. My GT

    Thanks Shooter,

    I have been planning on buying one of these beauties ever since I saw the first pics of the prototype which made us all drool. I did call all over and being in car sales in my past didn't hurt me either. I just love the feeling!

  7. Ordered wednesday Jan 11th. Dealer said no options should hold it up, but shipping has been an issue. Says 8-10 weeks *hah*.

    Redfire Prem. IUP, antitheft, Charcoal Alum applique, spoiler delete, base wheels.
  8. Ordered GT on 12/23 with every option except vert and auto. VIN# on 1/5, build week 1/23. Will see it first half of Feb. Ordered 64W wheels too.
    X Plan.
  9. 06 GT

    Ordered mine on 11/11/05 picked her up on 01/18/06

    06 GT Black 5sp
    18" Polished "Bullitt" style wheels
    Crimson Red interior
    Satin Alum dash
    Shaker 500 Audio
    Active Anti Theft
    Front Seat side Air Bags

  10. Hey gbullitt and B7 what were your priority codes,allocations for your dealer and, what area of the country are you in? Thanks dl
  11. Ordered GT Deluxe,Vista Blue, 5MT,dark charcoal int(cloth),side airbags(shouldn't we make those standard?),IUP charcoal. Build date 2/20. Perfect timing wanted to get the car when most of the bad weather had passed in sw ohio!
  12. Sorry you didn't get the car you wanted. Maybe you should of waited till March and ordered an 07.
  13. Code

    Firestang I couldn't tell you what my priority code was. I placed the order on November 11th and picked it up in January. The actual build date for my stang was Friday January 13th. How's that for a build date! Barrington, IL
  14. Here are the dates we just received for Last Job, etc.

    '06 Last Date of Production 6/2/06
    '07 Order Bank Opens 3/13/06
    '07 Job #1 06/05/06