Waiting On Your 2006 Order?

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  1. ordered mine 7/22
    today was still on hold for material availabilty?
    2006 gt deluxe
    med parchment cloth
    5 spd man
    17" wheels
    18g upgrd int
    still holding 8/11
    today 8/19 received a c/u,
    i wonder how long this will take?
    still c/u as of 8/26, no make that 8/30
    as of today 9/3 still c/u per 9/1
  2. 2006 Redfire GT Premium,
    Manual, Shaker 1000,
    18inch Fanblades,
    IUP, Dark Charcoal Leather,
    Whl locks, Anti-Theft

    Build Date week....08/15/05

    South Jersey
  3. AMG,

    We have pretty similar cars on order. Congrats - you have good taste! :D

    I got my VIN today... :banana:
  4. Congrats on the VIN...I probably won't get mine till Nov or Dec, LOL! Torch Red and Spoiler Delete- :nice:
  5. Hmm what else do you have on there? I think 18G may be scare right now, but nothing in your list screams "PUT ME ON HOLD"
  6. thats all on the order.
    im thinking they ran out of the extra cylinders for the v8 :shrug:
  7. 2006 Vista Blue GT Premium,
    IUP, Dark Charcoal Leather

    Build Date week....08/15/05

    Southeast PA
  8. I ordered mine yesterday from North Central Ford in Richardson, TX. I have worked with this sales guy before from another Ford dealer, but he doesn't know much about the order process. He said he would have to check with the sales manager on Monday and let me know about the order. I gave him my X-plan pin. We'll see how it goes. I even had to show him the 06 order guide and where to get it. Wow!

    Below are my options.

    Order Code
    Interior Color
    Dark Charcoal KW

    Exterior Color
    Tungsten Grey Clearcoat Metallic T8

    Body Code
    Coupe T82
    Order Code
    GT Coupe Premium 140A

    TR3650 5-Speed Manual 44K

    17" Premium Painted 64F

    Active Anti-theft System 14A
    Front Seat Side Air bags 43A

    Key Exterior Options
    Spoiler Delete Option 13D

    Key Interior Options

    Groups & Packages
    Interior Upgrade Package 18G
    Interior Sport App Package 18R

  9. Congrats! Mine is on order from North Central Ford as well. They have been great so far.
  10. ordered mine in April. 24962. ETA 9/8
  11. Ordered on 6/10/2005 in Lewisvillie, Texas

    2006 GT
    Tungsten/Dark Charcoal
    Premium package
    5spd manual
    spoiler delete

    as of 8/4/05 no build date
  12. Ordered 6/1/05 from Vista Ford in Indio, CA

    see sig for specs.
  13. I think 18G replaces (and includes) 18R. You may want to double check that with the dealer to make sure you're getting exactly what you want.
  14. Tom Peck Ford in Huntley Illinois on 07/14/05.

    GT Coupe Premium
    5 Speed
    Active Anti-Theft
    18" Polished Wheel (64E)
  15. Well, I was informed today that my 06 is to be built next week :D If that's so, delivery should be at or around the first of next month. :nice:
  16. I ordered mine the first week of july and only have a receipt for the deposit I made. I am going to try calling them tomorrow to see whats up. The only options I got was the IUP and its tungsten grey manual
  17. I can't figure why y'all are putting deposits down on a Stang. :shrug: It's not like the dealer's going to be stuck with a car he can't sell. :rlaugh:
  18. My car just got serialized 1 DAY after reordering! Ah, the power of dealer allocation! :nice: :D
  19. I think I'm going the same route. My current dealer will not respond to my question concerning their allocation (no return phone calls) . I received my DORA on 7/28/05 and I'm still Clean/Unsch./Priority 10. I called the 800# and spoke to a human. They always have issues trying to call up my order. I'm suspecting that it has a "red flag" concering an allocation issue in my dealership's zone.