Waiting On Your 2006 Order?

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  1. Just called the ERL and instead of "scheduled for production" I got "Locked in for production" :nice: Next week is build week!
  2. '06 Tungston Grey Premium Coupe
    Dark Charcoal Interior
    Fully Loaded

    Ordered 7/28/05
    Santa Margarita Ford
    Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  3. 06' premium vista blue gt, 5spd manual, iup, side air bags. Ordered mine from Bev Smith Ford in Lake Park, FL. Ordered somewhere around 7-20 and recieved my vin number yesterday. Salesman said they have started building the engine and the car may be at my door as soon as early-mid september(that would be nice)
  4. My car was built yesterday. :)
  5. hey looks like we are getting the same car.. from the same dealer.. lol did you order yours through scott d or someone else? jw. im hoping they get a big allotment of 06's so we can both get our cars asap
  6. Trabuco Canyon>>???

    Is that still a hot-bed of hippies in there?

    dogs and kids playing in the road? chickens racing the road runners?
  7. Naw... we filled the canyon up with cash... now it's full of young people driving mustang GT's...

    Sanctus and I will be breaking in the 06 GT's on Ortega Hwy... :nice:

    Here comes the 5 OOOOO!!!!
  8. Ordered mine june 27th. White GT, 5 Speed, upgraded interior, spoiler delete. talked to lady at ford said the order was in but was waiting to get picked by the computer. No VIn# or DORA yet. Had to put $500 down. Ordered it threw the dealership in pheonixville PA.
  9. Hahah yeah well this part of trabuco canyon doesnt have too many hippies... haha but then again im not in the heart of trabuco canyon im in the development part of it. and forget about the 5... i cant wait for the 241 my friend..... vroooom hehe
  10. Ordered our 2006 GT Premium on 10 June. Was built 8 August. Should be at the dealer on 22 August. Our 2005 order came in 1 week after we changed our order to a 2006. The dealer still offered it to us and we turned it down. For $230.00 more we got a 2006 instead.

    Windveil Blue
    Active Auto Theft
    Side Air Bags
    17" wheels cuz Ford doesn't have their act together on the 18" wheels
  11. LOL - we just showed are age difference... I wasn't referring to the I-5... talking about cops... as in Hawaii 5.0 or the old Chip's running mustang 5.0's. That's what I meant by here comes the 5.OOOOO.

    Got to watch out for them big time on the 241/133, Antonio/Las Flores, and the Ortega. They can get thick out here... But the Ortega has the twisties...
  12. Ordered My Torch Red GT on July 14 from Jerry Taylor Ford in Grove City, Pa. Scheduled to be built on August 19. :banana:
  13. hahah yeah woulda never got what you said unless you clarified.. haha o well all that matters is the car right?

    but you are deff right.. i have to go down antonio to get to... well anywhere and that is one massive speed trap. which makes it alittle nerve racking to drive on it because durring the day people are driving 5-10-15 even over the limit and i feel like a slow poke but that is just not the place to go more than 5-8 over...
  14. Hey 06GT4me

    Seems we both had the same birthdays.... what do you think of a Friday bouncing baby Pony.
    I always thought Friday's and Monday's were scary. Guess that is old school thinking.

    Tungsten GT sitting in Flat Rock waiting to hitch a ride home. Come to papa. I wonder how long before shipping??

  15. Mine was built thursday the 11th. Respect yer elders!
  16. :D Talked to the dealer today, my 06 has been built, and awaiting shipment. Should be down here in another 2 weeks :D
  17. I ordered my Torch Red GT on the same day as you from North Central Ford in Richardson, Tx. It's scheduled to be built the week of August 22. :banana:
  18. C&U since 6/6. No banana for me :(
  19. I cannot understand it we put out orders in and still have C/U.07/07/05
    My Priority is 10 and i am the only one that ordered a Stang at my dealer and i would think i would get the first car that they would get?
    But then again they have no 2006s in yet...JohnnyT
  20. If it makes you feel any better, i ordered mine on June 8th, priority # was 80 and it's already been built. I don't think that priority number means squat. It would seem that Ford is only building GT"s for the time being.