Waiting On Your 2006 Order?

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  1. Hey CHCPMAN :cheers:

    Well - in our case I wouldn't worry to much about that as they work Saturdays too. So if you're thinking old school it would have to be Saturdays and Mondays. But I hope the real case is the AAI folks just love to build Mustangs so their always trying to keep the quality up.

    As for shipping, the ERL wench says "as of Aug 12th your unit was shipped via convoy carrier" but Mr. K over at BON says no shipping updates yet... So - we'll see... I've alerted my salesguy to check for me too and to look for it soon. This wait is a killer. :bang:
  2. hey hey... I can finally post on here!!

    I ordered my Black 2006 GT last Saturday, 8/13, est delivery is in October... what a wait!! eesh... I didn't want an 05 this late in the year tho, so an 06 it is.

    Like I said it's black with black & red interior, premium w/IUP, stick, and the gray craiger-esque rims. I almost got the shaker1000, but decided to drop it from the order after some thought.

    Among the first things to do are dark tinted windows and dark silver racing stripes. I like the stipes on the mock 2005 cobra I saw somewhere, they were like 1" apart.. so similar to that setup.

  3. Don't know i only see V6s on dealers lots and only 1 GT convert.
    Don't know if ford are making many Gts this time around again.
    Called my dealer and he says i will have my car sometime in Sept since i am the first of 3 that have ordered a stang Gt.Didnot talk to the salesman but talked to guy that orders the cars.told him i don't want to wait till Dec and he says no way i should have it in sept sometime.
    he does not havea VIN# for me yet and i know if i call the ford 800# thats always a few days back.Hope everythings going well with yea alllllll.JohnnyT
  4. My V6 went from no info to on the lot within one week, just picked it up today! :banana:
  5. My satin silver GT was just serialized today. Now if the evil robot lady would just give me a build date :bang:
  6. i dont know if you have been reading the other posts on stangnet, but i sincerly doubt that if you just ordered your stang in aug, that you will see it before december. My order was rolled over from an 05 and i dont plan on seeing it untill nov/sept at earliest. so i wouldnt get your hopes up quite so soon. now if your dealer has like no other orders, and for some reason you have a priority 10 or something close to that then yeah you might get it at the same time that you claim.... but for my sake.. i hope that doesnt happen because that would just piss me off that i ordered like before april and i wont be seeing a stang till after you... hahah no i hope you get it when you say but i want to see mine too!
  7. Ah but Sanctus... let's not forget that you went to a dealer that in April told me they were already sold out of 06's before the 06 order banks were even open. (the manager later called me and told me the saleman that told me that was of course wrong) That's why I went elsewhere and my mustang is on a railcar in AZ as of today. It's all about allocations and how many people are infront of you...
    My offer still stands to meet up with you if you want to see the Tungsten in person... if you haven't already found one to see on a lot someplace. I'm hoping to have mine by the end of next week. :nice:
  8. Maybe mine is on the same railcar.... Arizona straight north blow through the border and your just about in Calgary.
    Aghh dreaming.
    How am I going to last 2 more weeks??? :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
  9. It gets worse as the days go by.... :bang: :fuss:

    But you'll get there and we'll all cheer for you!!!!
  10. :confused: we'll see. I have every reason to believe the salesman, he was very highly recommended... he said I'd have a VIN by Sept 1, and I've asked for a copy of the DORA, and he said no problem. I'll drop by tomorrow maybe. This is a major dealer, they have 6-8 Roush mustangs of all flavors shimmering out front...... most of their stock was 6s or convertibles though, maybe 3-4 GTs, none of them loaded and none of them Black :cool:

    I know with my MCS that we were fortunate here in Va Beach that I could order and take delivery in 7 weeks (and that was custom built in Oxford Eng, and didn't come by rail lol) but out west there was/still is an 18 month wait... those people mostly bought from the midwest and flew to p/u their cars.

    very different lead times for different parts of the country...
    I hope you get one built with OCD TLC !! :nice: good luck
  11. anyone?
  12. I just got off the phone 10 minutes before the "ERL" closed for the weekend. I found out that my order has been serialized and is "awaiting scheduled date and ETA" :banana: I waited just under a month from the date of my DORA (7/28/05). I guess the next step is to receive my full VIN#? :D
  13. I just ordered on the 17th, finally got my dora today and I have been serialized, but that is all. About how long till I get a build date has everyone experienced?

    Oh yeah, I got a GT manual, tungsten with red leather and every thing but shaker1000 and the lugnuts, on xplan.
  14. I got my DORA on 7/28, serialized on 8/18 and I called the robot lady on the morning of 8/20 just to hear her say the magic word "serialized" and to my surprise she updated my order status to a build week of 9/05. I would just keep checking.
  15. I finally have a VIN. I understand she's been built and is awaiting shipment to the Port. I anticipate getting her by October 1st. By the way, I ordered my 2005 (now a 2006) GT Premium Convertible with Auto, IUP, Redfire Metallic, Medium Parchment Interior and Convertible top, and side air bags on March 31st but it takes a long time when you are overseas. The best part about it, I got it for $800 less than the MSRP and there are no sales taxes here.
  16. Ordered mine on 8/6/05, got an email yesterday, it's scheduled for build 8/29/05, and should be there by the middle of Sept.

    Got Satin Silver V6 Coupe, Premium Package. Added Auto Transmission, ABS w/TC, IUP, Dark Charcoal Leather Seats, and Wheel Locking kit. MSRP was $23,3750. Got X-Plan at $22,109.71

    Didn't have to put any money down or anything. Another local dealer wanted the $500, and told me they would make me (and all x-plans) as the lowest priority, so I may never get a car.
  17. :shrug: hey I dropped by to see my salesman today and he gave me a copy of the DORA and wow I already have a VIN!! It's a prioity 10, so I guess that helps... the estimated production date is Sept 12! :nice:

    I'm sorry you've had to wait tho :( FWIW it's better now to get an 06 than an 05 because it will hold value longer..
  18. ordered on 7/29 still c/u, robot lady says waiting on material availibility (18in bullit rims 64w)
  19. ordered mine gt premium vista blue, interior upgrade, shaker 500 manual trans 17 bright machied alum. wheels, dark charcoal interior, robot lady says cleanand unscheduled ?
  20. I just called and now I have been scheduled for 9/05 as well. I sure hope my car isnt built on the day after Labor Day. The plant does close for Labor Day doesn't it?